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How to Look Taller – Monochromatic Dressing

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Hi Imogen, Could you give some examples of monochromatic dressing. I’ve only ever done it in black and I’m changing colours. Also, I never want to wear stockings again in my life (Winter an exception perhaps but I usually wear pants). How does one dress monochromatically in a summer dress? Or jeans and top and jacket. Do they all have to be the same colour? 

looking taller - monochromatic dressing looking taller – monochromatic dressing by imogenl featuring a braided belt

Monochromatic means – one color (or shades of the same colour), so when we think about dressing in a more monochromatic way to lengthen ourselves, we don’t want to create multiple horizontal lines with garment hems.    There is no need to be completely one shade head to toe, as long as you create a column of color through your body, you can still use other colours to make your outfit more interesting.

From left to right:

1. Similar color in top, belt and skirt, nude shoes, then an alternate color of cardigan.

2. Same or similar color head to toe

3. Top and jeans in variations of a colour, not exactly the same, but not so different that it really attracts attention, keeping it in neutrals will draw less attention.

4. Dress with nude shoes

5. Dress with nude boots – alternatively in winter you could do a dark boot with a dark stocking.

Looking taller monochromatic
Looking taller monochromatic by imogenl featuring flat sandals

Here are some more ideas which are slightly less monochromatic, but still ideas to play with that will make you look taller:

Use a vest to elongate, you can still add a color underneath for variety.

A pattern that the dominant colour is repeated in the pants or skirt.

An open cardigan with similar coloured top and bottom.

An open cardigan or jacket that is similar to your bottom

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