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How to Look Stunning in Costume Jewels.

By Amitirana @superafter50

Do I look cheap in costume jewels?
Well looking classy in costume jewels is not a sure thing. But wearing genuine jewels is not even a sure thing to look classy.  Women or men can look ridiculous in costume jewelry. It can impart a decidedly cheap look or tacky.  Why? Bold answer : finishes ad gems.  We are talking about the cheaper stuff - the group of jewelry you see in all my posting in this blog - "fashion" jewelry, below and around $ 100. The metal usually aren't precious, and finish quality can vary dramatically. Stay away from that cheap, flimsy coating you can scratch off with a finger nail. Pick the nicer pieces that will be electroplated in real silver or gold. It's a higher-quality finish that looks good and stands up to normal wear.It's a crucial point in wearing cheaper jewelry without looking cheap. The next factor is the gem. Expensive looking costume gem may closely resemble rubies, pearls , emeralds or even diamond. Make sure to look what they are lacking of : paint,  foil backing and light weight plastic, not glued on, prong set or hand tied. Keep It Simple. Treat a focal point if you are wearing a large piece of jewelry, meaning one big piece necklace with one or two background pieces, a few silver bangles or gold hoops. Color - looking for an expensive look choose to be safe by sticking with colors in the natural-stone spectrum.
How to look stunning in costume jewels.How to look stunning in costume jewels.                          How to look stunning in costume jewels.How to look stunning in costume jewels.
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