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How To Login To A Comcast Xfinity Router

Posted on the 16 August 2016 by Lenalenson

So you’re quite possibly on this page simply because you need to know how you can log into your Comcast Xfinity Router. You most likely need to have a quick article that is certain to save time from searching through the manual.

Why you need to sign in to the Comcast router?

The actual explanations why you must sign in to your router are various. You could adjust the wireless network system, increase your network security through modifying the default wireless router security password or wireless password, or upgrading the router to the latest firmware edition.

Comcast Xfinity Router

They’re easy to complete by yourself, and will just take a couple of minutes in comparison with going through the hassle of contacting tech support and patiently waiting until finally they give a support staff members to stop by and get it done for you.

At the start we need to find out more on the wireless router alone.

What is the Xfinity Default Router IP?

The default router IP Address for your Comcast Wireless router as well as other wireless routers is If that doesn’t do the job, look into the package the wireless router arrived in with or on the router alone – the wireless router IP address is normally imprinted on a sticker, together with the password.

Whether there is no sticker underneath the router with all the login details, you will have to check the user manual.

Still don’t want to take that instruction manual? All right, all right, here’s an alternate resolution to suit your needs:

Find The Comcast IP

1. Be sure you push these buttons on the computer keyboard – Windows key and R.

2. In the Run windows enter CMD and hit the Enter button. The Command prompt will certainly start.

3. Write IPCONFIG and next press Enter once more.

4. Choose “Default Gateway” from the ton of network card data that popped up on the screen.

5. The actual IP beside “Default Gateway” is the default IP address of the wireless router.

What’s The Default Login For Comcast Routers?

Most routers work with router login details. The most usual username and password combination is “admin” for your login name, and “password” for the password.

Various other quite possible combos are “root” and “root”, or even “cusadmin” and “highspeed”. In the event it doesn’t do the job, and it isn’t on the packaging or the wireless router alone, well, you just need to look at the handbook. Now we will not propose some other solutions.

Logging in or hard resetting the Wireless router?

At this time, you quite possibly own your log in information.

Having said that, in some cases some other person that was using the router before you has changed the username and password. In this case, a wireless router reset may just be required so that you can sign in to it with the default IP address and sign in particulars.

How You Can Reset The Comcast

1. To make this happen, you will need a paper clip or even a pen. Find the disguised . hard-reset button at the back of the router and keep it hard pressed for about half a minute.

2. Let go the button when the led lights at the router turn off and activate once again.

Replicate the login activity for a second time.

If this still doesn’t do the trick, then it is the perfect time to contact your customer support. We hope that this article has helped you sign in to the Xfinity router successfully. It is a good idea to keep the Xfinity login info someplace safe just in case you need these the next time. No one knows when you should have them for a second time.

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