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How to Limit Data Usage of Someone on Your Wi-Fi Router ?

Posted on the 29 January 2017 by Configcrazy @configcrazy

Step 4: Once you click 'Advanced Settings' , you'll come across many tabs and settings. We can see tabs like Quick settings, Network settings, Wireless settings, QoS and many others. Click ' Traffic Statistics ' to check IP addresses of all the device that use your Wi-Fi. Here you'll find all the IP addresses of the device with their current data usage. To check IP address of your device, go to Wi-Fi settings on your smartphone where you'll find IP address given by your router to your phone to use. To obtain IP address of your computer using your router, follow these steps:

  1. Hold 'Windows button' + 'R' to open run command.
  2. Type ' cmd ' without the quotes( ' ' ).
  3. Type ' ipconfig/all ' without the quotes( ' ' ).
  4. Search IPv4 address. This will be your computer's IP address assigned to it by the router.

Now, all you gotta do is shortlist all the IP addresses of the user you want to set limits of usage. If you are having trouble finding the IP address of a particular user, try setting low-bandwidth range for each user once and you'll hear "Why the Internet's slow Jimmy ?(or whatever your name is ,definitely with a face full of sadness). Try this with every IP address and you'll come to know whose internet speed you slowed down. That's a time-consuming process. Or you can ask directly to that particular Wi-Fi user whose internet you want to limit. Ask them to provide their IP address of the phone/Tab/laptop in Wi-Fi settings and note it down for the next step. For example, it should look something like or something similar.
Step 5: You have to click 'Bandwidth control ' tab and click the box to switch on ' Enable Bandwidth Control '. You are one step closer to limit the bandwidth traffic of a user who is slowing your internet.

Step 6: Here you can set Upload/Download speed for a range of IP addresses.

    1. You have to enter the range of IP address for example, say, to
    2. Select upload or download option whichever you want to limit for that range of IP addresses of users.
    3. Enter bandwidth range in KB/s and click the ' Enable ' box.
    4. Then click ' Add to List '.

You are done! If you are wondering what happened after doing all these procedures is that you limited bandwidth of some users. What you are doing here is that you are limiting the users in that IP address range to get maximum speed of 50KB/s and minimum speed of 30KB/s. Hence, your neighbour or your lazy bone family member who was sucking your internet speed will get nothing more than 50KB/s ( or any speed that you set) of Internet bandwidth.

How it worked for me?
Now, I can use my network without any worry of slower network performance. I can download torrents & simultaneously chat with my friends on WhatsApp, check Instagram feeds or like Facebook posts or even watch buffer free HD YouTube videos. This was not the same when Traffic Autoshaping was off. I would recommend this to everyone. This simple trick will help you achieve 100% network optimisation and will give you the benefit of using the bandwidth for which you paid.

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