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How to Light Kitchens in Melbourne

By Anne Mehla
How to Light Kitchens in MelbourneHave you ever given a thought that your kitchen too needs good lighting? Well, most of us spend thousands of bucks to renovate living rooms and garden, but barely feel the need to spend over kitchens’ lighting in Melbourne where we spend most of our time, cooking and dining. To create good lighting you don’t need to pay out huge. You can do it spending as much little as you want on bulbs and fixtures. The idea is to make your work areas bright and shadow-free.
  • Unlike installing traditional bulbs and tubes, go for clip-on or strip lights. Fit them beneath wall cabinets and see how well they lit the room that too without being too harsh to your eyes.
  • Hang pendant lights with single bulb or multiple above an island unit to create interest to the interior. Go for stylish one so that even when it is not in use, it can work as decorative piece in day time.
  • Install good set of task lighting above the sink or dishwasher. These lights will help you get required amount of light while working.
  • Directed lights can be a very useful fixture especially when you don’t want to go for too many lights. Install them at specific corners, preferably, above sink, stove, or kitchen platform, and face them toward your work area in the kitchen where you want more brightness.
  • Always avoid harsh strips of lighting in kitchens of Melbourne that creates an unproductive and unpleasant light.
  • You can also create mood in your eat-in kitchens by installing dimmers above dining spots.
There are millions of ideas to implement if you start thinking innovatively. Just keep on thinking and make the best use of light in kitchens of Melbourne.

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