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How to Layer a Sweater Over a Shirt Without Looking Lumpy?

By Attireclub @attireclub

How to Layer a Sweater over a Shirt without Looking Lumpy?At Attire Club, we often talk about layering and the great sartorial results one can obtain when adding multiple layers of clothes one over the other to obtain a great look. Putting on a shirt, sweater and jacket usually looks a lot better than a single item, as it adds depth to the look and brings more visual interest.

Layering is also very practical, especially on days when weather conditions can change rapidly. For example, if you wear a shirt and a vest combo, you can simply take off the vest should the temperatures get too warm. If it gets cooler, you can simply put the vest back on and maybe add on a jacket.

Wearing layers is both stylish and practical.

However, one of the questions that arises about this practice is how one can layer a shirt and a sweater without looking lumpy.

The first step in making sure that your shirt and sweater outfit will look good is to choose a fitted button-up shirt. A shirt that hugs the body well will sit better and won't get lumpy. However, it is important to point out that a fitted shirt does not mean a shirt that is too tight. A shirt that is too small or too tight will most likely pop out of your pants and get lumpy or be overall uncomfortable, which is not what you want.

The second step is to make sure that, while you are dressing up, you are fastening all the buttons, including the top ones and the cuff buttons. This way, the shirt will stay straight on your body. We also recommend putting the shirt on before your pants, so that you don't have to fold it too much as you tuck it in.

How to Layer a Sweater over a Shirt without Looking Lumpy?

Now, you can also add any accessories you may want: shirt holding suspenders that buckle down on your legs, underbelts, etc. but these are only optional; you can get great results even without them.

Then, you can put your sweater on. We would recommend a piece that has a regular fit. If it is a bit loose or relaxed, it is more likely to adapt better to the garment beneath it.

Make sure you put on your sweater smoothly, as not to cause too much rumpling.

Afterwards, you may open up the top button of the shirt if you want to. You can also pop the collar out if you prefer it that way.

Finally, you can roll the cuffs of your shirt over the cuffs of the sweater to make the print of the shirt cuff visible. If you want to keep them inside, just pull on the shirt cuffs a little so they pop out an inch or so from beneath the sweater.

Additional information:

If you are also wearing a tie, we recommend wearing a v-neck sweater. The tie can be added before the sweater or at the end, but we would recommend the first version.

Layering a sweater over a shirt is not hard and can look really neat and clean if done correctly. Paying attention to details is key in fashion and style if you want to look your best.

Looking great will give you the confidence you need for many contexts, which is what real style is all about.

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