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How to Keep Your White Sneakers White

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How to Keep Your White Sneakers WhiteWhite sneakers are a great fashion item that looks fresh and clean. Well, at least as long as they are always clean. White kicks can be a hassle to maintain, which is why many men avoid buying them even though they would want to wear a pair. Knowing just how to maintain your sneakers in shape and always crisp will enhance your looks and your attitude, as, when you look your best, you feel more confident and strong.

If you have a small stain or a many big ones, it is important to be able to clean your white sneakers, regardless of your means or possibilities.

Here are some easy to do yet practical ways to keep your white sneakers white:

In-wash stain removers in the form of powder can be used to clean your shoes. Remember though that most sneakers don't belong in a washing machine. The way to go is to mix some stain removing powder with some water until you obtain a paste. Then, use a toothbrush and easily remove the dirt from your shoes. After that, use a paper towel or a piece of cloth and simply wipe them clean.

How to Keep Your White Sneakers White
If you don't have any powder, you can use vinegar to clean your white sneakers. Simply dip a piece of cloth or a paper towel in some vinegar and use it to clean your kicks. Make sure you don't let the vinegar interact with your sneakers too long, as doing this can deepen the stains. Moreover, make sure you use a paper towel and a little bit of water to remove the vinegar as well.

How to Keep Your White Sneakers White

Home maintenance brands offer special erasers or sponges meant to be used in case your walls or floors have a small stain. However, these items can be used for your shoes as well. You can even cut them in half if they are too big.

Using these erasers is not expensive: a pack of such sponges costs around $6 and can be found in most supermarkets.

How to Keep Your White Sneakers White
While there are many do-it-at-home tricks you can do to keep your white sneakers in good shape, you can also use specialized sneaker wipes that are found on the market. These have special instructions for use that are usually written on the package and are really easy to use.

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Avoid placing your shoes in the sunlight. While letting your white sneakers dry out in the sun after you have cleaned them might be a quick way to dry them, direct sunlight can lead to an unwanted color fading or discoloring of your shoes. Therefore, even if the drying process will last longer, it's best to always keep let your sneakers dry in the shade.

Use a toothbrush. When you are cleaning your shoes, we recommend using a soft or medium-hard toothbrush. Soft pieces of clothes work well too. Try avoiding anything that might scratch or damage your shoes.

Cover permanent stains. If your white sneakers have a stain that just won't go away, a crack that shows or any other permanent issue, you can fix it quite easily. Simply apply a little bit of white nail polish on it (don't go heavy) and you are set to go. Just remember that nail polish can be quite powerful in smell, so you don't want to do it right before you go somewhere. Also, nail polish needs to be left to dry before you can wear your shoes again. After a few wears, you will need to reapply the polish, as it will probably fade away.

How to Keep Your White Sneakers White
Remember that white sneakers have a great impact if they are a complete look: make sure you wash your shoe laces in the washing machine (using stain remover or even special bleaching products for white linen or towels). While a lot of people wash their sneakers in the washing machine, not all models can handle it, so we recommend avoiding this.

Maintaining white sneakers doesn't need to be a struggle: Following these simple tips will make sure your shoes are polished, fresh and dynamic. Now that you have these tips, you can always have white sneakers that look fresh out of the box.

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