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How to Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clean

By Marialiberati

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A clean, sanitized kitchen is much more likely to be a healthy kitchen. Given the increased priority health and wellness have enjoyed lately, that can only be a good thing. If you want to keep your kitchen safe, it’s important to make sure that all your food preparation services are kept clean. That means keeping your kitchen countertops clean.

Regular Stain Removal

Pristine kitchen countertops can be beautiful to look at. Unfortunately, their appearance can be marred by unsightly stains. Depending on the kitchen countertop material, stains may take hold easily, making regular stain removal a necessity. If you notice a stain, make sure you clean it up quickly. The longer it sits, the harder it will be to remove. Make sure you research what cleaners are best for the type of countertop you have to avoid damaging it by using the wrong cleaner.

Disinfect After Cooking

There’s more to keeping your countertops clean than just making them look clean. It’s important to disinfect and sanitize them after cooking, especially when handling raw meat. Bacteria can double every 20 minutes on an unprotected surface like your counter. Avoid cross-contamination by disinfecting and sanitizing while preparing food as well if you intend to prepare fruits and vegetables after handling raw meat. Best practices dictate that separate knives and cutting boards should be used for produce and meats. As much as you can, try to prepare the produce first so you can avoid contaminating it.

Clean Spills Up Immediately

If you want to prevent stains, one of the best things you can do is to clean up spills immediately. Many substances get harder to clean the longer they sit. By cleaning them up immediately, you reduce the risk of them damaging your countertop. You also reduce the risk of damaging it yourself by using too much force to clean up the mess. It’s also a matter of safety. Messes on countertops have a way of finding their way onto the floor, which can increase your risk of slipping and falling, and suffering a slip and fall injury. Keep your countertops and floors clean and reduce your risk by cleaning up spills immediately after they happen.

Keeping your kitchen countertops clean plays an important role in food safety. To keep them clean, take measures to remove stains, disinfect after cooking, and clean up spills immediately. Your countertops will stay in better condition for longer and your food preparation surfaces will be safer to use.

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How to Keep Your Kitchen Countertops Clean
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