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How To Irritate Your Favorite Republican

Posted on the 16 January 2013 by Jobsanger
How To Irritate Your Favorite Republican(The elephant image above is from the website calledBreadwig.com.)
The good folks over at Addicting Info have performed a public service for us liberals who are surrounded by right-wing, boastful, ignorant Republicans. Stephen D. Foster, Jr. has compiled a list of 100 things you can say to irritate a Republican. And the best part about that list is that all of them are true. After all, there's nothing a Republican, especially one of the teabagger variety, hates more than hearing the truth. Here are the first twenty statements. If you want to see the other eighty, go on over to Addicting Info.
1. A Socialist wrote the Pledge of Allegiance.

2. Jesus healed the sick and helped the poor, for free.3. Joseph McCarthy was an un-American, witch hunting sissy.4. Jefferson Davis and Robert E. Lee were traitors.5. The South lost the Civil War, get over it.6. The Founding Fathers were liberals.7. Fascism is a right-wing trait.8. Sarah Palin is an idiot.9. The Earth is round.10. Reagan raised taxes eleven times as President.11. Reagan legalized abortion as Governor of California.12. Nixon created the Environmental Protection Agency.13. Ronald Reagan supported gun control.14. Global warming is real.15. Republicans hate illegal immigrants, unless they need their lawns mowed or their houses cleaned.

16. The military is a government-run institution, so why do Republicans approve the defense budget?
17. The Cold War is over and the Soviet Union no longer exists.
18. Paying taxes is patriotic.
19. Republicans: Peddling the same failed economic policies since 1880.
20. The Republican Party began as a liberal party.

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