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How To Integrate Propeller Ads To Bypass Adblock On Your Website?

Posted on the 11 February 2018 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

If technology is the father of all inventions, then system updates is the mother of every technology. System updates are an inevitable step towards the success of every internet based business.

Every leading business in the world today thrive on the hard work and efforts of their Research & Development teams who constantly work behind the scenes to develop updates that help the system/business to adapt with the market trends.

Ad blocking: A huge loss for publishers worldwide!

The reason why millions of users across the world are adopting ad-blocking methods is so that their internet surfing experience does not get hampered by ads popping into the screens every now and then.

How To Integrate Propeller Ads To Bypass Adblock On Your Website?

Ad-blocking technologies are spreading across the internet like wild fire and millions of internet users are installing ad blocking extensions.

This has resulted in an approximate $21.8 billion of publishers' loss of revenues annually due to blocking ads worldwide. It's pretty evident that your ads are blocked as well!

Thousands of internet users (especially smartphone users) currently use ad-blockers, which accounts to up to 40% of your sites' visitors. Mathematically it can be explained that from every $100 you earn, $40-50 get cut by Adblockers and these numbers are sky rocketing with time. According to a recent report by Adobe/PageFair, you could lose up to 50-60% by 2018.

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Bypassing the Ad Blocking problem

The same theory applies to the Internet advertisement world. The problem of ad blocking has has prevailed over the years as most internet users, especially smartphone users choose to turn on the "Block ads" option to block ads from popping into the screens every now and then.

So thousands of businesses and publishers around the globe have experiences increased losses due to Ad blocking and their monetization has been hampered to a great extent which urgently needed a bypass.

More facts:

Here are some important and crucial facts and figures that will give you a basic sketch of how big the problem is and how big it can be in the near future.

  • 615 million devices now use adblock
  • 11% of the world's internet users are blocking ads on the web
  • The global usage percentage of Adblock grew 30% in 2016
  • More than 230 million desktop browsers and 350 million mobile devices across the world block ads
  • Mobile ad blocking on smartphone browsers is growing even faster (90% YOY) than the usual desktop based ad blocking adoption
  • An estimated $35 billion in ad revenue may be lost by 2020

Propeller Ads on Google Anti Block Monetization

The recent and most valuable update that has been rolled out by developers to improve the AdBlock bypass technology designed for bypassing Google Anti block monetization for Propeller ads. Behold the brand new Anti-AdBlock V3.0.

Let us talk more about this update!

How To Integrate Propeller Ads To Bypass Adblock On Your Website?

What's new about this update?

The objective of any new update is to introduce new functionalities and features to the system, generally to enhance the performance of the server. In return, the project gets increased subscriptions and earns better revenue from customers.

So, here's what is new about the new Anti-AdBlock V3.0

  • Instant revenue growth (up to 50%)
  • Immune to filters and blacklists
  • Less frequent JS code updates required
  • Optimized code for super-fast loading
  • Supports all browsers

This new and seemingly revolutionary update of the Anti-Adblock technology guarantees a sizzling 99.9% bypassing of all popular and known AdBlock plugins!

How do you integrate Propeller Ads Adblock bypass solution to your site?

You can get new Anti-Adblock codes by registering as a Publisher or logging in to your account. Once logged in, simply choose one of the integration methods:

This is the best option for a quick start and especially if you own a self-hosted WordPress site. Free download from official WordPress Repository.

This is the integration recommended for sites that run on any other website platform or that are not self-hosted (ie; hosted on web servers with PHP support). This integration will require some developer skills.

This integration is a universal solution for all kinds of sites, including free-hosted websites.

More guides

If you want detailed step-by-step guides on how to get the Anti-Adblock ad codes and integrate them into your website, then I would recommend you to refer to these free online guides:

If you are experiencing any problems integrating Anti-Adblock codes, then simply drop your comments below or get in touch with our support team via email. We will be glad to help you through!

How To Integrate Propeller Ads To Bypass Adblock On Your Website?

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