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How To Insert A Zipper Into A Dart

By Sewchicago @sewchicago

Prepare your dart for a zipperI love this idea! What a great way to hide a zipper.

Essentially, you’re going to face your dart, so you can cut through the center of the dart. Then turn the facing, press and sew the zipper through the layers.

Cut through dart to prepare for zipper

I would consider hand-picking the zipper to make the tiniest stitches visible and really hiding the zipper. Or to sew the zipper to the dart facing, then understitch the seam to favor the zipper side and have no stitch whatsoever on the dart.

Basted zipper in dart
Read the whole article at SewCraftful’s blog.

Let us know if you try this! We’d love to see pictures!

All images sourced from SewCraftful’s website.

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