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How To Increase Lead Capture On Your Website By 37.96% (No Paid Ads)

Posted on the 05 February 2020 by Jitendra Vaswani @JitendraBlogger

Data suggests 98% of your visitors won't buy on their first visit and 55% of website visitors will leave your website within the first 15 seconds of their visit.

That being said, it's crucial that you focus on how to get your traffic to convert into a lead.

If you don't, you have just lost a potential buyer that may never come back again.

Now I'm sure you know that, but the question is, are you setting up your website so that users are eager to opt-in to your offer.

Take a gander at your website and ask yourself the following questions:

  1. Are my opt-in offers enticing?
  2. Do I have enough calls to action leading my website visitors down the customer journey I want them to go down?
  3. Would I take the offers that are on my website?
  4. Are my offers timed correctly?

Serving your visitors with the right message at the right time is crucial.

So what is one simple campaign you can set up today to start increasing leads?

An Exit-Intent Popup.

A pop-up is a window that appears over your existing site.

Pop-ups can be of any size.

You've likely seen smaller pop-ups that are called modals or sliders. There are also top bars called "Hello Bars."

Usually, pop-ups have an enticing offer to get you to take the action step the site wants you to take.

In ECommerce, you often see pop-ups with discounts, free shipping or even giveaways.

In digital marketing, you often see pop-ups with free ebook downloads or even a quiz.

The right text, offers, and timing are essential to the success of these campaigns.

What is An Exit-Intent Popup?

An exit-intent popup is a special form of popup that appears on a website when the visitor tries to leave.

If the user is hovering over the URL bar and about to move on from your site, the exit-intent popup appears.

How To Increase Lead Capture On Your Website By 37.96% (No Paid Ads)

Many people also refer to the "Exit Intent" as a page takeover because it takes over the entire screen.

Here is an example of an exit-intent pop-up from :

Why Should You Use an Exit-Intent Popup on Your Website?

Here's a more important question: What do you have to lose?

When someone is leaving or bouncing off of your website, you have lost their business.

You can hope that they come back, but wouldn't you want to ensure they came back to your website again?

We like to call the exit intent pop-up the "silent salesperson."

No one likes the pushy salesperson, that is why timing your pop-up upon exit is a perfect way to be a subtle salesperson.

Exit-intent is a great opportunity to try to save visitors who bounce.

If you can reduce the bounce rate, or get the visitor to stay on your website, that is a huge win.

It's kind of like the products you see as you are exiting a brick and mortar store. Maybe a consumer is leaving the store without buying anything, but look! There's a bin full of discounted products!

Let's see an exit-intent campaign in action and what a difference it can make with our client ChordBuddy.

How ChordBuddy Increased Their Online Revenue and Collected Over $14k in Sales, Using Hello Bar

Shark Tank participant and eCommerce entrepreneur Travis Perry used Hello Bar to dramatically increase the sales on his website and boost his online revenue.

How To Increase Lead Capture On Your Website By 37.96% (No Paid Ads)

While many may doubt the contributions of pop-ups, these results don't lie - pop-ups are a powerful tool that can lead to some serious results.

Read on to learn how Travis worked with the Hello Bar team to achieve these results:

... All using one simple tool: Hello Bar.

  • Improved his conversion rate from less than 1% up to 6.7%
  • Had a 50% increase in revenue in just one month

Travis was featured on the show Shark Tank, where he pitched his own genius self-teaching guitar invention and ultimately won four offers before agreeing to a deal with investor Robert Herjavec. From that deal, ChordBuddy took off and became a favorite among the music education community.

But Travis' success wasn't just good luck or a product of his appearance on Shark Tank alone - there were many hurdles to overcome, even after getting Robert Herjavec's buy-in on the product.

How To Increase Lead Capture On Your Website By 37.96% (No Paid Ads)

In order to share ChordBuddy with people all around the world, Travis had to optimize his website to gather people's interest and inspire them to buy his product.

How Hello Bar Helped Travis Collect Over 1,000 Email Addresses In The First Month Alone

When the Hello Bar team started working with Travis, there were a lot of holes to be filled in ChordBuddy's sales funnel. While people were coming to ChordBuddy's website, they weren't quite making it to the purchase page.

How To Increase Lead Capture On Your Website By 37.96% (No Paid Ads)

Essentially, Travis was pouring time and energy into driving people to his site, but not seeing the results of that traffic. The leads were just slipping away.

You see, Travis was getting 45,000 views per month to his website but only collecting 100 email addresses per month. That's a lot of missed opportunities and leads.

When our team evaluated ChordBuddy's site at the time, we found some major conversion related issues. The lead capture opportunities on the website were hidden, making it difficult for site visitors to navigate their way to a purchase.

Additionally, the headlines that Travis was using on his opt-ins weren't appealing to his ideal clients. They were falling flat, failing to spark excitement and prove value. We knew we could get him much better results using Hello Bar and making use of our team's experience in crafting opt-ins that convert (we've set-up of high-converting pop-ups).

Let's contextualize what this looked like, though:

When creating pop-ups, there is a specific strategy our team follows here at Hello Bar (laid out by marketing expert, Neil Patel, himself).

Here's what this specific strategy looked like, in order to optimize ChordBuddy's site:

How To Increase Lead Capture On Your Website By 37.96% (No Paid Ads)

5.Hand-Crafted, Unique Exit Pop-Up Designs: Hello, Bar's design team hand-crafted custom exit pop-up templates to match ChordBuddy's site and promote the content in a beautiful, high-converting layout. These formats were saved for future use and modified specifically for both mobile and desktop viewers.

  1. Pop-Up Strategy Map:Our team of dedicated marketing strategists performed a complete audit of ChordBuddy's site to identify areas of opportunity, map out an exact placement strategy map for opt-ins, and fully understand the sales funnel that the ChordBuddy team was employing at the time.
  2. Specialized Analytics Insights:Our analytics specialist conducted a thorough examination of ChordBuddy's website data surrounding user behavior and identified the pages that mattered most, based on cold hard data. Based on these metrics, our team identified the exact timing for each pop-up on specific pages and fully tailored the pop-up map to fit all dimensions of pop-up use (ie. ensured that the message displayed exactly when and where was needed for optimal conversions).
  3. Custom Lead Magnet Recommendations:After understanding ChordBuddy's unique product and market-fit, our team recommended high functioning lead magnets that could be used to entice customers into taking action right away. During this process, we evaluated existing lead magnets and included these into our plan with suggestions on top-converting content.
  4. Done-For-You High Converting Copy:Our professional copywriting team reviewed ChordBuddy's style and content guide, read through their site, and came to understand their exact brand voice and intentions. From there, our team created custom headlines that spoke directly to Travis's audience and called attention to the specific value propositions that the specific lead magnets ChordBuddy offers provided. For each pop-up, our team created three variations to test, to ensure the best possible results. For example:
How To Increase Lead Capture On Your Website By 37.96% (No Paid Ads)

6. Full Implementation: Finally, our implementation team set up unique targeting rules, stationed pop-ups on the correct pages of sites, and adapted all settings to custom fit the pop-up strategy laid out above. When ChordBuddy logged into the account, everything was ready to set live right away.

The results of all these specialized work? We collected 1,000 email addresses in the first month alone! That's 10x as many as before Travis was using Hello Bar.

How To Increase Lead Capture On Your Website By 37.96% (No Paid Ads)

But email collection was just the start...

Once our team tackled the email collection problem, we created new pop-ups that dramatically increased ChordBuddy's revenue by shifting strategies to point people towards purchasing right off the bat. From the data we collected in month one, we were able to create small tweaks and changes in strategy that made an enormous difference in revenue.

Here is the breakdown:

A site's overall conversion rate can have an enormous impact on overall revenue and sales.

While ChordBuddy had a beautifully designed website, it just wasn't optimized for conversions. And their site isn't alone - most sites convert at less than 0.17%, or don't convert at all.

How We Used Hello Bar To Increase Revenue By 50% in One Month
How To Increase Lead Capture On Your Website By 37.96% (No Paid Ads)

With the goal in mind to increase conversions and purchases without the longer nurturing process of email, our team created pop-ups that offered special discounts to encourage visitors to purchase right away.

    Before Hello Bar's Revenue Focused Strategies:Before using Hello Bar on his site, Travis' site produced the following results:
  • Overall Site Conversion Rate: 0.17%
  • Average Monthly Sales: 101

Now let us show you what happened when our team optimized this website with Hello Bar, and you can see the impact that this can have on a business' bottom line.

. 50% increase in revenue Even though offering special discounts decreased the average order value slightly, this led to a huge influx in number of sales each month.

Using Hello Bar, ChordBuddy's average monthly sales increased by more than 66%.

We accomplished this by setting up a few key A/B tests on an exit-intent.

With the right headline and offer, ChordBuddy saw a dramatic increase in conversion and revenue.

Here's a seasonal campaign we ran for Thanksgiving, promoting a special discount:

Over the single year that ChordBuddy used Hello Bar pop-ups on their website, they saw massive increases in their lead capture, conversion rate, and overall sales.

Pop-ups may be considered "spammy" by some, but for ChordBuddy, these tools led to some impressive results that seriously aided their bottom line.

  • Overall Site Conversion Rate: 0.25%
  • Hello Bar Lead Capture Rate: 6.14%

In just one year, ChordBuddy's lead capture increased by 51%.

Their website's conversion rate increased by 6%.

As a result, they brought in 5,132 new leads and potential customers, without driving any further traffic to their site.

No extra paid ads, no extended marketing ploys. Hello, Bar helped them to make the most out of the traffic that was already organically reaching their website, ultimately leading to more than $14,000 in additional sales.

The key to this success was our team evaluating the customer journey and figure out the best offers, text, and assets to customers down the correct path to purchase. No leaking funnels anymore.

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Conclusion: How To Increase Lead Capture On Your Website By 37.96% (No Paid Ads)

If you don't have an exit-intent campaign set up, you are losing money.

This is a simple campaign you can set up today to ensure that you are saving the 98% of users who are leaving your website without taking action.

After all, you have nothing to lose. The visitor is ready to leave so why not try to save them?

Most importantly, your offers to see which ones have the greatest impact on your audience.

You might be surprised by the results. Ready to set up your first campaign? Head over to Hello Bar and get started today.

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