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How to Identify the Undertone of Colours

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

I've been asked recently to chat more about how to identify the undertone of colours

Look at the Colour Wheel

Overtone vs Undertone

The overtone is the overt colour you see - we label warm overtone colours (yellow, orange, red, pink) as warm because they remind us of things that are warm such as the sun, a fire, heater etc.. We label cool overtone colours (blue, green violet) as cool, because they remind us of things that are cooler - water, cool forests, nighttime.

The Undertone of Colours

The undertone of a colour is how it's created - what is mixed.

So colours that have more yellow in them (even if it's blue) become warm undertone.

Colours that have more blue in them (even if they are warm overtone - such as red) become cool undertone.

The closer a colour is to the colour wheel to yellow, generally the more naturally warm it becomes.

The closer a colour is on the colour wheel to blue, it's generally more cool.

So what about red which is equidistant from blue and yellow? Add a smidge of yellow and it becomes warm, add a smidge of blue and it becomes cool.

Black and White are both cool, so adding white or black can make a cooler version of a colour (but may not change its undertone compeltely.

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