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How To Host A Neighborhood Get Together

By Cait @caitscozycorner

This post was sponsored by Upgrade Your Summer as part of an Influencer Activation and all opinions expressed in my post are my own.
How To Host A Neighborhood Get TogetherA few months ago we moved into a new neighborhood and were so excited to meet our neighbors; we wanted to make lifelong friends, and enjoy our new home. We built our house specifically in a cul-de-sac to make it easy for our kids to run around without all the busy traffic nearby. I love having everyone in close proximity with one another and enjoy coming together with our children.
How To Host A Neighborhood Get Together
Since it's a new construction area, many new families are moving in and because we moved last fall, it was difficult to make friends because of the snow and colder weather. Now that it's officially warming up here in the Midwest, we decided to put together a little neighborhood party to get to know everyone!
So what do you need for this little party?
1. Snacks- We're a big group and snacks are always important. I make sure to pick all the essentials when it comes to snacks, such as fruit, various hearty side dishes, and vegetables for everyone to dip and dunk. The kids loved coming back and forth to grab whatever it is they wanted - sweet, salty or just plain delicious!
How To Host A Neighborhood Get Together
2. Drinks- You can't have a party without a few drinks, especially when you have snacks out too.  I purchased various juice boxes for the kids and Bud Light Lemon Teafor the adults. It's a great combo to add to the snacks. The crisp flavor of the beer is so refreshing during a long, hot summer day. This new flavor, the Lemon Tea, is delicious. I love the sweet tea flavor! It's brewed over tea leaves with real lemon peels so you'll get that tart refreshing taste in every sip - which I adore!  I picked mine up at my local super-center.
3. Games- It's not a party without a few outdoor games so we have chalk for hopscotch and drawing pictures, paintbrushes and water to paint the sidewalks and hula hoops and scooters for the kids to use! The adults sometimes participate in the activities too which always makes for a great time!
How To Host A Neighborhood Get Together
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Please drink responsibly!  
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How To Host A Neighborhood Get Together
What are some essentials that you'll need when it comes to hosting your neighbors this summer? Our party was the perfect way to get to know everyone that was moving in, we got to know their families and started life long friendships over delicious food and drink.
What is your favorite thing to snack on during the summer months?
Have you tried the Bud Light Lemon Tea?How To Host A Neighborhood Get Together
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