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How To Hide Inappropriate Abusive Comments On Instagram

By Sandy16

The main problem with social networking sites is that lack of privacy and receiving abusive comments publicly. There was nothing to stop this abusive comments and moreover, this is the main reason for many people who avoid using social networks or stops posting their new post updates. Now in this post, we will help you out by hiding abusive comments on Instagram.

To put a stop for these inappropriate comments, Instagram has gone a long through and introduced a new feature to fight with abusive comments on posts.

Hide abusive comments on Instagram:

  1. Log into your Instagram account
  2. Select profile option
  3. Go to settings tab(if you use PC then click edit profile)
  4. Now select comments section
  5. Put a tick mark on ‘hide inappropriate comments’

You can also hide the comments through keywords selection by choosing custom keywords. To hide abusive comments on Instagram you have the full power to hide the comments.

To hide the comments to your list you just create custom keywords and submit those keywords and now when people type those keywords the comments will not be shown and they will be in hidden mode.

That’s it now you are free from abusive comments

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Tip of the Topic:

Here, I strongly recommend you to enable this feature as it involves in highlighting your security on Instagram. With this feature, you can post your posts with freedom and with extra more confidence levels.

And also don’t forget to create your own custom keywords list to hide or stop displaying those comments on your post again and again.

Help out your near and dear friends by sharing the post and also I would love to hear from you about this feature.

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