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How To Have More Patience

By A Lot On Your Plate @ALotOnYourPlate


How To Have More Patience

Do not let your emotions run on auto-pilot.  Live in the moment and be aware of your thoughts, always.  Acknowledge how you are feeling at that present moment and think before you speak or react.

Showing patience is a form of respect.  Patience is a simple way to show others that their opinions matter, even if it is different from yours.  Understand that it is more important to hear each other out fairly rather then always feel the need to be right.

Meditate.  Meditation is a great tool for reducing stress as well as helping decrease anxiety and depression.  Research shows that meditating on a regular basis can help produce other positive benefits such as more efficient oxygen use to the body as well as improve your immune system!

Take a step back.  If you don’t like the way a conversation is going or feel your emotions taking an instant dive, take a moment to step back, reevaluate, then come back to the conversation with an open mind.

Be flexible.  Understand that no one person is the same and that everyone can offer a different prospective to the table.  Keep an open mind and hear the other person out before you jump to conclusion or add your two cents.

Everyone is fighting their own battle.  One way to display patience is to keep calm with others that may not be displaying patience of their own.  It is possible that you are coming in contact with someone who just received bad news or just had a rough day.  Show patience towards others in the hopes that they will be inspired to display their own.

Live by the “60 seconds” rule.  Always keep in mind that for every minute you waste on a negative emotion, that’s 60 seconds of happiness lost.

Start a journal.  Studies have shown that keeping a journal can help control stress as it is no longer bottled up inside.  Keep this journal in a safe place where it is not easily found for your privacy.

Don’t sweat the small stuff.  Lives too short to get mad at every little problem that comes your way.  Nobody’s perfect.  Try to stay as positive as you can no matter what the situation.

Remind yourself that things happen.  Just because you have a plan, doesn’t mean it will be executed to the tee.  Go with the flow.

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