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How to Handle Rejection and Move On to the Next

By Shaybanks @dnceluv

We all want to avoid this, but, in life, rejection is inevitable. Even uber hot celebrities like Halle Berry and Angelina Jolie get dumped. There’s just no way around it.  

The way to minimize its sting is by changing your mindset.

Believe your whole life is over because they guy didn’t call you after the first date and…your life will be over. But if you think like Jay-Z and say “On to the next one…”, you’ll increase your chances of finding that guy that will make you kiss dating goodbye.

Don’t take rejection personally

When a guy says “Sorry, I don’t want to be with you,” or “Umm…suuuure, I’ll date you,” (and then proceeds to only call you when he wants sex), don’t take it personally. Look at it this way…

Let’s say you have a line of 20 men in front of you. Your Mr. Right is #20. If the first 19 guys reject you, would you care?

Hell naw!

In fact, if you knew that all you had to do to get Mr. Right was date 19 more guys, you’d be the first one lining them up, going on the date, and then shouting “Next!” after each date. Why would you do this? Because you would know that Mr. Right was just around the corner. You’d be able to exhale because your search would be over.

So don’t take rejection personally. It ain’t personal. He wanted someone else…great! That simply means you’re one guy closer to getting your guy.

Don’t be afraid to dish it out either. Just say “Hey, the date was great, but I don’t think we connect..”

Don’t be afraid to “NEXT!” a guy that’s incompatible with you. Why steal him away from the woman that’s waiting on him?????

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