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How to Handle a Demanding Workplace

By Cel O


The thing with being an employee is that you have a boss. You are governed by some set of rules and regulations whether you like it or not.

Having a hard time on a demanding workplace?

I’ve asked my friends what they can say.

1. You can’t control peoples’ attitude. “What you can do is change the way you react to them. If the job is important to you and no jobs waiting for you yet, concentrate on your work and what is positive about the job rather than dwelling on the negative. If it’s too much, change jobs.” (from a Crisis Line coordinator)

2. Ask Yourself. An example for an Aggressive boss scenario. This is from a counselor’s viewpoint and  the typical question would be: Ask yourself, “How do you manage to cope up with that kind of work environment? What are the possible adjustments that are within your control in which you alone are trying to work out? For how long have you been in that company? Your obvious choice is 1-Leave; 2-Tolerate while looking for another; 3-Stay. You must also think of the Employer-employee heirarchy, are you the person who takes instructions positively or negatively? A boss’s personality is inherent. There are lots of factors that makes him ‘aggressive’, be it personal, or a sign of weakness. Remember you are your best resource and you and only you know what’s best for you. In whatever option you will decide to take comes with the responsibility to deal with the repercussions positively. You are your own person complete with your personal set of skills, talents and resources. Trust your inner voice and do what is best for you.” (Name withheld, Counselor)

3. Grace Under pressure. As Christians, we should give our best at work, whether we like our superiors or not, whether we are not treated the way we think we should be. Lets think that the job is a gift from God and we are doing our job in honor of our God and not for man. But if the job is making us sick or unhappy, maybe its time to look for better opportunities. (Elizabeth, Law graduate)

4. Positive Attitude. “You have to keep this in mind because when you start the day with negative vibes, think domino effect. Not only will you see your workmates as walking demons but your day will be ruined. You’ve only got two choices, Endure or Leave. To avoid all the hassle in looking again for another job, take out all the negativity and give yourself a chance to improve on yourself and your craft. (Kit, Freelance educator)

5. Thrive to Survive.  A. Keep your composure: Do not react in a negative way but instead keep your composure. You will not solve anything by reacting negatively. If the demand is deemed unreasonable, then talk to your supervisor or manager.

B. Be proactive: Communicate and start working on your goals for the day. If you hit a wall, communicate and be open to suggestions. If you’re working as a team, involve everyone – more brains are better than one. Communicate and brainstorm.

C.  Confront – peacefully – the problem: There are times when you have to speak up and stand up for yourself. Confronting the problem head on is better than mauling about it with no solution.

D. Leave work at work. At the end of the day, we all have families and homes to go home to. Regardless of what the outcome of your day, leave your work stress at home. Home is the place for you to recharge. (Karen, Kayni’s Corner Cafe)



Have a wonderful week ahead!



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