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How to ‘Glamp’ in a Campervan

By Upliftingfam @upliftingfam

How to ‘Glamp’ in a Campervan

I would like to propose a scale for travelling. Think of it like a ‘Kinsey scale,’ but for adventuring outside of your front door. At one end you have those people whose first (and sometimes only) choice of travel destination is a five star hotel in Paris. Luxury, comfort, style, and usually with a hefty price tag. At the other end you have the kind of people that get excited about venturing into nature pooping where a bear might poop. Living minimally, experiencing nature, and being part of a greater ecosystem.

We all fall on this scale, but the terrible fact is that sometimes we have to travel with people that exist somewhere else on the scale. Obviously they’re wrong and don’t know how to travel, but they’re also stubborn and will never change their minds so you might as well embrace the challenges and deal with them as best you can.

There is one consolation to this: as long as you or your travel companions don’t sit at the fundamental outer edges of the scale (i.e. unwilling to compromise on Paris or nature poops), there could be a compromise that suits any budget or travel style: a campervan. I know those of you more towards the luxury end of the scale are already moving your cursor to the little ‘x’ in the top hand corner, but hear me out.

A campervan isn’t just that rusted old thing claiming your Grandfather’s back yard as its own – a campervan is everything from basic to glamping. Glamping is, of course, a portmanteau of the words ‘glam’ and ‘camping.’ Yes, that’s right. Glam. Now I’ve got your attention. So if you’re towards the luxury end of the travel scale, or you’re travelling with people who are, here are some tips for glamping in a campervan:

Hire, Don’t Buy

If you’re not interested in months of preparation and planning, just hire a campervan. Campervan rental Australia have loads of options for whatever comfort level you’re looking for. Hiring means you can simply arrive and have your sweet chariot ready to go, except for any DIY options you might want to add.

Make it Your Own

Your campervan, or glampervan (sorry, we had to), should reflect your style and can be as clean or opulent as you wish. Do you long for sun filled days, and want to feel in a summery space? You can deck out your campervan with light blues and greens, bursts of pastel yellow, a distressed wooden table, fairy lights, and woven throws. Or are you looking to create a cosy haven reminiscent of a log cabin? Think duck down doona, faux fur throws, chocolatey soft sheets, and wooden tones. Ooooh, or maybe you want a bohemian vibe. Natural calico juxtaposed with lace, throw pillows, and textured throws. If you’re looking for inspiration overload just head to Pinterest and search the terms “campervan” and “glamp.”

Embrace Minimalism

This is the perfect chance for you to streamline your packing and try out a capsule wardrobe or the 30 x 30 challenge, where you mix and match 30 garments for 30 days. Accessorising is the easiest way to avoid wardrobe fatigue so think fun earrings and bracelets, or even pick them up along the way. A collection of beautiful scarves are the perfect travel item to keep your hair out of your face, change an outfit, or even hang as ornamental pieces throughout the campervan.

Stay at Campsites or Glampsites

Glamping is big business, and you are not alone. Companies all over the world have caught onto the fact that some people want to experience nature without being covered in bugs. Many higher end campsites, or glampsites, offer luxuries and comforts usually reserved for resorts. Give the campervan a rest one night and book yourself into a bohemian yurt and day spa, and spend the day getting pampered or meeting others who also like the finer things in life.

Photo Credit: Flickr via Creative Commons

Have you ever been “glamping”?

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