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How To Give Your Business A Name That Sticks

Posted on the 10 January 2014 by Worldwide @thedomains did a piece entitled, “How To Give Your Business A Name That Sticks” The author of the article is Deborah Sweeney who is the CEO of

The article covered three main areas: Pick a name that defines you, Make sure no one else has that name and Build your brand.

From the article:

Pick a name that defines you

When naming your business, you want a potential customer to look you up online, or walk by your storefront and instantly get a good idea of what it is you do and (more importantly) how you do it. If you’re in the business of building furniture, and you only do so from oak trees, that’s great fuel for a very specific name, even in a name as simple as Frank’s Oak Furniture (provided your name is Frank, of course). You should always strive for creativity and uniqueness as much as possible, but make sure not to be so obscure that your audience won’t even grasp what it is you’re conveying.

In addition to the article is giving away a free e-book, How to Name Your Small Business you can follow the link and put in your info to receive the e-book.…

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