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How to Get Rid of Flies from Your Dining Table by a Home-based Solution

By Abhirup Lahiri @tweetabhirup
How to get rid of flies from your dining table by a home-based solution

We often talk about better hygiene and cleanliness all around us and tends to be away from junkie - less clean food aside to road, but do we really care how much hygienic we are inside our own residents.Yes, it's ok if you say, you clean your hands before having food or your mom ensures the foods are at best of the standard.In spite of that, we often miss out some simpler health hazards in daily life, one of such am going to talk about irritates me the most and most often it does to you as well am sure, any guess from your side!! ...Still trying to figure?It's the house flies, how? Well, didn't you ever came across these creatures disturbing you at your lunch table especially when some ripe fruits or an awesome smelling chutney's are nearby, these are not only annoying, it also does make these foods unhealthy for us. 

What do you do in such case to get a permanent solution?
Well I, was on a hunt to figure out a solution and finally found one from one my close relatives advice. I have tried the technique and it successfully worked for me and here I am willing to share that secret home-based solution and am sure you are equally curious to learn it here.

Home based process to follow & get rid of house flies at your lunch table::

  •  Take any fruit (of your choice or spare fruit on table)
  •  Manage at least 10 to 12 numbers of cloves (you will find them at your moms kitchen) out of the lot
  •  Pinch those cloves on the surface of the fruit (you have selected), looks something like I had tried before (see image)
How to get rid of flies from your dining table by a home-based solution


Give some time for the action to happen, you will be amazed to see all those annoying flies are nowhere near your dining table, and I can assure it won't come back till the decorative fruit (with cloves on it) is there on the table. 

Do give a try and tell me the result in the comment section below.If you find this blog post useful share and tell your friends or people in your circles to read and try it for themselves too.Also, share your experiences on my Facebook timeline / Twitter - I would love to know your results.
Signing off as for now, stay well be active till I meet you again on my next blog post. Bye.

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