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How To Get Rid Of An Oily Face?

By Ty Watson

The natural oil production within the body will produce pimples on the face and neck region. These acnes cause embarrassment while decreasing the facial expression. Now, with the changing tendencies of the people to wipe out the small pimples, they resort to popular cosmetic creams and oils.

These may or may not provide the right solution, and they ultimately end up in having either a clear face with zero acnes or with an increased number of acnes due to the infection. And the people, especially the young ones when they counter the spots on their face they get irritated because the youngsters are more body as well as look conscious.

How To Get Rid Of An Oily Face?

So, how to get rid of an oily face? how to get rid of oily skin? are some of the basic questions of most of the people. To meet this end, we have brought you some of the simple tips that help one to overcome the facial problems in no time with less effort without wasting much time and money.

Sanitization Of Your Face

For washing your face use a good and gentle cleanser, to avoid the skin irritation that comes after or prior subjecting your face to washing. Before jumping into any of the cosmetic products that come with high-end promises to help one to overcoming all the facial problems.

You should be careful enough to recognize the genuineness as the quality of the product to ensure the safety of your skin. The impact of harsh chemicals on your skin is such that they remove all the natural oils from your skin and in order to compensate this oil loss, the skin has to produce large amount of oil than it normally does.

So, before buying any of the skin products please verify all the details appropriately to protect you from all the ill effects of the fake product. If you are already using any of the gentle cleansers, and you are not happy with the product's functionality, then you should try other cleansers. Shortlist the genuine products that contain salicylic acid, a beta-hydroxy acid, glycolic acid or benzoyl peroxide.

1. You should avoid scrubbing your face at all cost because this activity done by using the textured sponge or washcloth will cause irritation to the skin. By scrubbing your skin, you are forcing your skin glands to produce more skin to compensate the removed oils. So, when you think of scrubbing then please do it gently. Otherwise, you are the one who have to bear the things if something goes wrong. The application should be less as it is usually done with high pressure.

2. Subjecting your skin at least two times of washing is essential to refresh the skin. Your skin's oil production will be kept under control when you treat your skin for at least two times with the clean water. It is better to use the lukewarm water, and this should be followed by the use of soft and spongy kind of cloth for cleaning the face. After waking up in the morning and before going to bed you should wash your face, to keep the skin clean and tidy while letting it replenish with natural oils stuff.

3. While washing your skin, you should use the slightly warm water to avoid the side effects on the skin in the long run.

4. You must use the toner on the parts where you find the oil content is more than the normal. Do not think of applying the toner on the entire face because the oil-free areas will get dry, and this creates further skin problem like the creation of red and flaky patches on the skin.

5. Make use of the astringent pads to remove the excess oil from the skin. These pads should be used when you don't get sufficient time to clean your face or when you are supposed to get the oiliness in the later part of the day.

6. You should utilize the clay masks during special events. Clay masks play the role of drying the oil from the face, and this has to be used sparingly. Using the clay for the special events will help you in removing the excess oil from the skin.

Moisturizing The Face

You should not use a moisturizer that contain oils such as shea butter or petroleum. These things will increase the oil content of your skin and then the oil control of your skin becomes worse. Go through the ingredients of the product on its package and then analyze the impact on your skin.

1. You should choose the moisturizer that has dimethicone and while buying you must look into the product description whether it contains the oil or not. And also check for the petroleum free product. The dimethicone provide you the matte effect whereas the petroleum contained moisturizers make the skin more oiler.

2. You have to select the moisturizer that is non-acnegenic or non-comedogenic. This should be confirmed by you by checking the label contents on the backside of the package. These moisturizers do not affect your skin in a larger dimension while providing safety to your skin with zero or less number of pimples.

3. The moisturizer must be used in sparingly to avoid the ill effects. When you apply the moisturizer on your skin makes sure that whether you do require still more moisturizer or the applied mount of moisturizer is more than enough.

4. Try using a variety of moisturizers provided that you take the suggestions from the dermatologist. Don't go just by your friend's recommendation because what is best for their friend's skin may not be good for your skin. Every health factor of the skin matters in dealing with oily skin and its associated problems. If you are above to take the suggestions of your friend, then you should go through the product review completely and make use of the sample products. Only after a strong confirmation, you should buy the products.

Applying Makeup

Apply matte primer before the application of foundation and just before moisturizing and cleaning. The matte primers absorb the excess oil content of the face and thus help in removing that. Check our guide on best makeup organizer

1. While buying you should choose the non-comedogenic and oil-free products. Only after confirming this, be it in powder, foundation, blush and bronzer you need to proceed further in using the products. If you are making use of these kinds of products, then you will be free from the oiliness of the skin. Your skin pores too do not clog.

2. It is better to use the powder made from the mineral. By using a big sized brush, you need to apply the mineral powder on your skin. This process will help you in removing the caked look of your face. You should carry extra powder in your hand, for application all through the day whenever it is required.

3. Apply only a small quantity of makeup on your face and thus help yourself in reducing the makeup. When you create a lighter skin through the makeup, then your skin starts breathing and thus reduces the surplus production of the oil all through the day.

Engulfing The Control Over The Oil Intake Habits

The consumption of oily foods should be reduced and subsequently stopped in the later times. Learn about the food stuff that contributes to increasing the oil content of your face. Foods such as salt, sugar and fat contributes to increasing the oiliness of your skin. Other dairy products also contribute in rising the oiliness of the skin. So, it is recommended that you should avoid these foodstuffs or at least decrease the use.

1. You should consume the oil controlling food stuff that contains the high fiber content such as fruits, vegetables, whole grains, and legumes. Start taking the citrus fruits and leafy greens to effectively control the oily skin. Moreover, while cooking the vegetables, you should use less oil or no oil to prepare the food items and as far as possible avoid boiling or steaming.

2. Consume a lot of water in your daily fluid content because water hydrates your skin and removes all the toxins from the body. If you are consuming a good amount of water content in your diet, then you can easily control the oily skin.

3. You need to control the stress through one or the other means because a substance called cortisol is produced within the skin when you are in the stressed condition. So, in order to control the stress you can adopt some relaxation techniques like yoga, deep breathing, and meditation.

Consultation With The Good Dermatologist

Make time to take the suggestions of the dermatologist, if you are still having the oily skin the issues related to it. Meeting up the skin specialist will help you in understanding your skin in a better manner because your skin will be subjected to diagnosis. After that, you will be prescribed with some medications, skin care products like microdermabrasion machine and more, and if you remain sincere in following the guidelines, then you can easily control the oily face.

1. You should ask for the retinoid treatments, this can be one of the prescriptions of the skin specialist that stops the oil production on your face. These creams will fight against the acne while reducing the oil of the skin. This is an effective treatment for most of the patients about 20 to 30 percent.

2. Go forward and ask for the hormonal treatments from your doctor. Usually, the women will suffer from the excess oil production due to irregular hormonal fluctuations within the body. To counter these kinds of problems, you can use the contraceptive pills that can block the oil production while clearing the acnes.

3. You should ask for the chemical peels such as AHA/Glycolic acid peels because these will function effectively against the larger oil content of the skin. It cannot be said that the treatments last for a longer time, but a skin specialist can help you in increasing the effect of the peels on your skin.

4. The Roaccutane/Accutane treatments are said to be a good treatments for controlling the skin problems be it acne clearing or be it oil control. The Accutane medicine derived from the vitamin A will be a proper prescription to act against the high oil production as well as acnes. Usually, the patients are asked to take the medicine for a prolonged period of 15 to 20 weeks. The women who are undergoing the pregnancy period should avoid using the Accutane medicine because it may cause the birth defects in the newborn babies.

To deal with the blackheads, whiteheads, skin irritations, blind pimples and other skin issues, one has to equip with the right medicines to gain the advantage of the prescription. The oily skin is not bad because it produces lesser wrinkles and also helps in better aging.

The sebaceous glands involved in the excessive production of sebum and this results in the shiny skin as well as pores. Women tend to be more leaning towards developing these problems especially during the pregnancy period, menstrual cycles or menopause.

So, we are presenting you some of the homemade prescriptions cum remedies below that will help you in fighting the acnes as well as the oily skin.

Top Ten Remedies For The Oily Skin

1. Egg Whites - Dries out the skin while toning and tightening it

2. Lemon Juice - The antiseptic properties will restore the pH balance and skin discoloration

3. Yogurt - The lactic acid will exfoliate the skin while absorbing the excess oil from the face

4. Tomatoes - Vitamin C is helpful for the acne prone skin. It also has astringent, cooling and clarifying properties

5. Apples - The soothing, astringent and antiseptic properties will produce an effective result on the skin

6. Cucumbers - The mineral and vitamin content such as Vitamin E and A, potassium and magnesium are very good in treating the oily skin

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