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How To Get People To Read Your Old Blog Posts

Posted on the 05 March 2014 by Kharim Tomlinson @KharimTomlinson

No matter how old an article is once you haven’t read it as yet then its new to you. If you have been blogging for quite some time now then I am sure that you would say that you have some old blog posts on your blog.

But have you ever considered on getting new blog readers for your old blog posts?

As stated once they haven’t read it as yet it can be new to them. One thing for sure that has helped me to learn how blogging has changed over the years is by reading older blog posts from bloggers who have been in the game for over 10 years. So when I read articles from them it gives me more background knowledge on blogging and useful tips which I can apply to make my blog successful.

I am pretty sure that lots of people also love reading older blog posts as well. So in this post I will be giving you some tips on how to get some new blog readers for your old blog posts.

A great way to get more readers for your older blog posts is by sharing them on social media or social networking sites.

We all know that social sites can be a great place to find readers for our blog, this is because tons of people are always online.

Lets say that you have built a fanpage on Facebook or have lots of followers on Twitter, you can easily share your older blog post there and get traffic to it.

Use CommentLuv When Commenting

When making blog comments you can promote your older blog posts by using the Comment Luv section of the blog that you are commenting on.

How do you do this?

Well if you have the Comment Luv Premium installed on your blog, what you can do is go to the settings of that plugin and select the older posts on your blog which you want to promote.

When you get to the Comment Luv settings, scroll down to the section marked “Favorite posts” and in this section of the plugin you are able to add up to 5 post or pages. So when commenting you will see the 5 post or pages that you have added to your favorite posts.

So you can search for the post that you would like to promote and add them there. Look at the image below so that you can understand it more.

comment luv

Click to enlarge image

So when using the Comment Luv section of a blog while commenting then you can choose from the list of favorite posts and promote that older blog posts so that you can get more readers for your post.

Interlink To Your Older Posts

Interlinking to other posts that you have written is vital in link building. Interlinking helps to boost your rank in search engines and also to lower the bounce rate of your blog.

Lots if bloggers interlink their blog posts because this is a great way to optimize their blog for search engines.

Not only does it helps the SEO of our blog, but it also helps to get readers for our older blog posts. When writing, try your best as possible to think about blog posts that you have written in the past and link back to them.

Find the right keywords or phrases to create a link back to an older blog post. Not everyone has read all your blog posts, so creating a link to an older post can help to bring vital information and more knowledge to your blog readers.

Make Them Sticky On Your Blog

WordPress is an awesome blogging platform and it has a great feature which allows you to feature any blog post that you want on the homepage of your blog.

The homepage of your blog gets the more traffic. It is the busiest part of your blog, so sticking a blog post on the front page is a great way to get more readers for that blog post.

Lets say that you want to feature a particular blog post on the front page of your blog, all you have to do is go to the admin section of your WordPress blog, click on posts. Search for the post which you want to feature on the homepage of your blog, hover the mouse and select “quick edit.”

After doing that you will notice some options for the post which you have selected to “quick edit.” Look for the “make this post sticky” and click the check box and then update the post. If you visit the homepage of your blog you will notice the post being shown on the front page above all other posts.

As mentioned the homepage gets the most views on your blog so making an older blog post sticky can help you to get more readers for it.

Edit OR Update Then Republish

There is no harm done in repolishing your older blog post to make them new again.

As time goes by sometimes the information in your older blog post gets out dated and needs some updating. So if this is the case then you can easily edit your older blog posts and update then information that you have written in it. Republish it for your readers and get more traffic to it.

Once you do this you can even make a note on that article that you have updated it. This will even invite those who have already read it to come back and check out the updates that you have made to the post.

Feature Them On Your Sidebar

The sidebar of every blog plays an important role. If your sidebar is optimized well then it can convert really great for you.

If you feature links to your sidebar then you can get traffic to those links if you optimize your blog well.

Placing links in your sidebar to your older blog posts can help to get new readers for those posts. All you have to do is use a plugin or manually place them there.

Write Guests Posts And Link To Them

Guest posts is popular in getting traffic to a blog. Lots of bloggers do guest posting so that they can boost the traffic of their blog.

If you want guest posting to work well for you then you have to follow these tips mentioned below:

  • Guest post on blogs in your niche
  • Write the highest quality post ever
  • Leave links to back to your blog
  • Participate in guest posts on a regular
  • Reply to comments left on your posts

Once you apply those 5 tips mentioned above then you will benefit greatly from guest posting.

Leaving links back to your articles through guest blogging can help you to gain lots of new readers. Remember if you are new to guest posting on a blog then chances are that these  readers on the blog that you are posting for hasn’t visited your blog as yet.

So if you link back to an older blog post then this would be a new article to them and they would enjoy reading it if they enjoyed reading your older blog post.

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