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How to Get Natural/Organic Backlinks?

Posted on the 09 October 2014 by Kharim Tomlinson @KharimTomlinson

So, How many of you are struggling to get Backlinks?

I guess, only few know to get Links, the rest is struggling in this field. I have seen many bloggers asking for link building strategies to pro's. All those bloggers will get quite similar answers like, Blog commenting, Guest Posting, etc..

But I am not a big fan of these methods, because the benefits Natural or Organic Backlinks can give to your blog, is not be possible with the Unnatural Link building and the methods Like Blog commenting, Directory Submission, Guest posting are unnatural ways to get links.

Now, the question is which methods you can use to Get Organic or Natural Backlinks?

Wait, Wait, I think, many of you will get confused with the word "organic". So, firstly let me explain this, before going forward.

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What are Organic Backlinks?

I will explain with an example. Suppose you are reading my article and after reading, you thought, you should write something related on your own blog, and for more explanation you can provide a link to my article, that Link will be an organic (Natural) Backlink.

In simple words, the Links your blog will get the natural way are organic backlinks. SO, this makes everything clear to you. Now, I move on to the main section of this post.

Top 7 ways to Get Organic (Natural) Backlinks:-

How to Get Natural/Organic Backlinks?

#1 Infographics

The majority people know about Infographics and what it can do, but only few of them really implement this natural link building and traffic generating technique. The main reason behind this I, they think it is very difficult to build infographics and it may be costly also. But in reality it is not, especially when we consider its benefits.

You can easily hire a designer and get Unique Infographics a very cheap rate, but remember your Idea should be unique and creative, then only it will go viral.

Note, the question is, how it will go viral?

Well, you can try many methods, first you should post it on your blog and ask your friends to share on their social profiles. You can also share your Infographics on sites like,, etc., where you will get the maximize chances of getting viral.

#2 Writing Great, Unique, and Quality Content

I know you feel irritated when you hear people saying write quality content, Unique content. I know everyone says this. But you have to agree, this point is the most important factor in attracting quality readers to your blog, which will get a lot of organic backlinks.

But you should understand the real meaning of "Unique and quality", I have seen many people writing long articles on old topics, which is not the way to go, if you are looking for natural links via your content. You should be selecting new topic, a topic having very less or no posts on the internet and you should be covering each aspect of that topic in your article. If you do, then you article will certainly impress many which will result in natural backlinks to your blog.

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#3 Social Media Marketing

Social Media is an awesome platform to build relationships, readership, etc. But to take benefit from this platform, your content should be attractive and the best way to do so, is by following my tips given in the second point.

After writing content, you should prepare a marketing plan. And the plan should include, the time of sharing your content, the way of sharing your content and the liking of your audience.

In simple words, you should understand what your social media audience wants and the time they will be online. For example, Time of sharing for Indian audience will be different from US Audience. So, you should consider it, to get maximum out of social media marketing.

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#4 Write Amazing Ebook

This method is another way to attract organic backlinks. It is quite similar to Infographics. If you write a quality and unique Ebook, which can help your readers and other people solve their problems, then surely they will write about your Electronic Book which will earn you're a natural link to your blog.

But remember to write a quality Ebook and the best way to do so, is by creating perfect plan. You should select all minim topics related to your Ebook topic and then, select a perfect, good looking design. If you do so correctly, then you will surely get hundreds of links in a very short span of time.

#5 Old or Broken Links Checking

This method is only used by few webmasters, because not everyone can understand it. But I will explain "How it can be done".

Well, there are many sites that go offline every day. Think about, how many sites will be linking to those offline sites. All those links will be broken links.

So, your work should be to find out the sites that are offline now and then, find their incoming links using Ahref or OpenSiteExplorer and then, create a short list.

Once the list is prepared, filter your niche links and then, start mailing them, suggesting "Your site has link to an offline site or has a broken link. I will suggest you to change that broken with a similar guide "URL" which will help your readers learn more about that topic".

Well, not all will accept your proposal, but still a few will accept, especially if they find your article helpful to their readers.

#6 Create Free Products, Tools

This point doesn't need any explanation. People are using this as a very effective technique. You can also do the same thing, by creating free tools or plugins which can help webmasters in an effective way. If they like your tool, then surely they will write a positive review, including a link to your blog.

This way, you can get a huge number of organic backlinks, especially if you do the promotion the right way.

#7 Build Relationship: Best way to get quality backlinks

You must have heard this, Relationships are backbones of blogging. In the beginning you may find it difficult to build relationships, but once you start engaging with people, your friends will increase.

The more you help people, the more friends you will get and all those friends somewhere, sometime, will link to your blog in their future posts.

When I consider myself and my relationships, Social media has given me a lot, I really love engaging with people on social networks and also to help. It has given me awesome friends and I am still building my friend list a stronger.

Some other ways you can try to get quality backlinks

#8 Improve your Alexa Ranking

Now, you will, think, How Alexa can give you natural links. I will explain how.

Well, when your blog has a very good Alexa rank, people use to create lists of top bloggers having a good Alexa. These lists are of different types like, Top bloggers in single niche or top bloggers in all niches. But the point is, you will get many free organic backlinks, if you have a very good Alexa.

The Action Time

I have explained some best ways to get quality Organic or Natural backlinks. Now, it's your turn to take action. Not just read and sit back. Pick yourself up and work hard on these points, you will surely get results.

Feedback Time Guys? Shoot your Questions or Views via comments.

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How to Get Natural/Organic Backlinks?
How to Get Natural/Organic Backlinks?

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