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How to Get Bigger Arms

By Mia_patterson

How to Get Bigger Arms - 3 Steps to Thunder and Lightning

Get Bigger Arms
There is no doubt that people with great physiques get tons of attention. Heads turn and everyone looks with admiring faces. And then you hear "Did you see that guy's arms?" I'm going to teach you how to be that guy. Keep reading and you'll learn how to get bigger arms.
Step One
The exercises you use to get bulging arms aren't complicated, but they do require some self-discipline and consistent effort on your part. You can train your arms up to two times per week, but one session per week is preferable. During these sessions your goal should be keeping your muscles in constant tension and increasing the weight on each exercise from week to week. These following are the best exercises to target your biceps, triceps and forearms: Barbell and dumbbell curls, skull crushers and wrist curls. These exercises may be simple, but if the intensity is high and you focus on increasing the weight from week to week your arms will grow.
Step Two
Now that you know what exercises to do, it's time to learn how often you should train your arms. What I've discovered is less is more when it comes to arm training. Don't spend all day in the gym doing bicep curls aiming for that pump. What you must do is get in there, lift heavy and go on to the next exercise. Lifting for the pump all day on one muscle group won't get you bigger, but it will lead to overtraining. So stick to training your arms once a week and you'll make some excellent gains.
Step Three
The final and most important step of how to get bigger arms is eating. If you want your muscle to grow you have to feed them. For some reason some guys don't understand that trying to lose weight and gaining muscle mass doesn't go hand and hand. A good rule a thumb is it takes about a 15 - 20lb increase in bodyweight to increase your arms one inch in size. That's means lift big, eat big, and cut down on the hours of cardio.
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