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How to Get a Thai Tourist Visa in Jakarta

By Harvie

So I’m currently in Jakarta, and I decided to get me a double entry Thai tourist visa in Jakarta from the Thailand embassy. Should be easy right? well not exactly. So my day starts off with asking a O-jek driver (motorcycle taxi) to take me to the Thailand Embassy. He tells no understand inglish, Ahi land embassy, okay okay. We agree a price of 30,000idr which is around $3 for a 10 minute ride.

10 minutes later I am at the Embassy of Holland, you fucking w0tm8 was my reply when he dropped me outside.

o-Jek driver: yes, Alland Alland embassy

Me: For fook sake, I want the embassy of THAILAND.

I end up writing it down on a piece of paper and he finally understands, and I finally arrive at the embassy of Thailand in Jakarta. I go and hand him 30,000idr for the lift, and he tells me no, it’s now 500,000 ($50). I was really close to losing it and although he didn’t know, he was half a second away from me round housing him to the face, mostly likely causing an instant death. I just laugh because there was nothing else to do, and hand him the agreed total of $3 and walk away. I’m 6’3 he was 5’5, I would of finished him faster than my morning breakfast, and I think he knew that too, and he just drove off.

me on the way to getting my thai toruist visa in jakara

I get to the embassy at 9am, the doors open and I walk in, I went on a Monday and it was very quiet, no queues or dramas to get in, so far so good. I filled in the tourist visa application before visiting, although they’re available at the embassy. There was one young kid sitting at the counter, and I just knew this was going to be trouble. So I walk up and hand him my passport, visa application form. He asks me for my proof of onward ticket, I take out my phone and show him. He tell me I need to print it and give it him. I ask if I can print it here using the embassy printers,  he told me no, and that I’d have to leave find a place to print and come back in.I told him I’d pay to get it printed here and I can send him the email off my phone, the printer was right behind him as well. He said no.#Asia

Next he asked for an on-ward ticket, I managed to get an confirmed e-mail that I was leaving Thailand on a certain date and going to Cambodia. On the email it had my full name, my passport number and the date I was leaving from a visa run company, this qualified as a valid proof of onward flight. Make sure it has your full name as in your passport, your passport number, the date your leaving, and its been confirmed.

Getting a tourist visa from the Thai Embassy in Jakarta (double entry)

They do provide you with double entry tourist visa in Jakarta, but you must show your in-ward and out-ward ticket to obtain this. So in total you need two in-ward tickets, and two out-ward tickets, for example:

  • JKT >BKK > then BKK> KL (single entry visa)
  • JKT >BKK > then BKK> KL then KL> BKK then BBK > KL (double entry entry)

So you can get yourself a double entry visa, but you need to book a lot of flights, I don’t know where I will be in 4 months time, so I didn’t get it. I am using KL as an example too, you can fly anywhere.

What do I need to bring with me to get a Thai tourist visa in Jakarta?

To get a tourist visa you need the following:

  • Visa application form
  • Valid passport with more than 6 months left before expiry
  • A printed ticket showing you coming into Thailand, and another showing your departure
  • You need a guarantor who lives in Thailand. Someone who can vouch for you and your stay, they must be Thai, and you need to enter their details on the visa application form
  • Money for the visa. I think at the time it costs 260,000 ( $30) to get a single entry tourist visa

I never got asked, but some people have mentioned that the workers at the embassy also ask you to show:

  • Proof of earnings, I believe at least 20,000 baht in your bank account to prove you can fund your trip
  • Proof that you have a job somewhere other than Thailand.

They never asked me for this, but I had printed off my bank accounts and was telling them I quit my job. Getting a Thai tourist visa in Jakarta takes 3 working days, you apply in the morning from 9am – 12pm. And during 1pm to 4pm you collect.

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By Alice Manson
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