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How to Get a New Look in 2022

By Attireclub @attireclub

Our self-esteem and confidence are often attached to how we look. Our success in relationships and our career can be enhanced with attention to our appearance. Whether it is our physique, the clothes we choose, our hair, makeup, or skincare, being a successful man in the world can be enhanced by our image. Here we explore the new look to aspire to in 2022 that will help you feel like you are at the front of the queue for the next opportunity.

How to Get a New Look in 2022

Makeup and skincare

In recent years, there has been a rise in men's skincare and makeup, with male grooming estimated to be worth $60.7 billion to the beauty sector. This hyper-driven trend towards men-specific products has been fueled by rising confidence in males who want to express themselves more authentically and take care of themselves. It is no longer just about fragrance and shaving but the full variety of skincare and beauty products.

There are trends within this area for 2022. For instance, there is a demand for ethical and sustainable products. There should be recycled packaging and no palm, for instance.

There has also been a rise in men's subscription grooming boxes, including all you need. The boxes can be tailored to the individual subscription needs of the client using questions about their skin type and the like.

In terms of makeup, Tom Ford is a brand that has something of a monopoly on the market for men, specializing in products such as lip balms and foundations.

And finally, in skincare, caffeine-based products are on-trend. Topically applied masks or ointments are used to tighten and brighten tired skin. Caffeine works by contracting the blood vessels and so reduces puffiness and inflammation.


As much as women will look on in horror, the trend in 2022 is towards the mullet over the polished and shaped haircuts of 2021. Hair that is worn messy and effortless are the best, which is excellent for those who want quick styles with some texturizing products or salt spray.

How to Get a New Look in 2022

If the idea of a mullet isn't cutting it for you, then men's hairdressers will also be suggesting strong fades with strong and clean lines with clever scissor work. Very short on the sides and some length on top is an alternative to the mullet.

At the other extreme, the buzz cut has its place. The general trend in 2022 is towards making a bold statement with your hair, so going for the full punk gives a punky look. It is especially successful if you go neon in your color choice too.


We have been through a period where the boho beard has been prominent. In 2022, we are moving much more towards the clean-shaven look. Most men are looking to be clean-shaven with very short and smooth looks, and it is almost a complete rebellion away from what has been chosen in the past.

The wardrobe

If you were shocked by the idea of the mullet and shag returning, brace yourself for the fashion trends for 2022. We are about to re-enter the world of surfer tees and oversized Bermuda shorts. Add to this some colorful tutti-frutti safari jackets, and you will start to feel full 1980s retro once more.

How to Get a New Look in 2022

Are you looking for specifics? Well, the cardie will be a favorite in the U.K., as people teeter between it being too warm for a coat and too cold for a tee. Cardigan coats, as they are being branded, are merely heavy-knit cardies. Both comfortable and versatile, these cardigan coats can be worn over the top of a suit or as part of a casual outfit.

There is also a shift to vests. Sorry, we mean there is a move to sleeveless tops. Whether this is tees with no sleeves or tailored jackets with no arms, a trend is emerging here. Burberry seems particularly enamored by the idea - to the point of offering biker jackets with the sleeves removed. It might mean that there is also a requirement to do the gym work to give you the guns to show off to the world.

Then there is the tutti-frutti trend, as men's designers have grown bored with grey and navy and are now looking to use the shades of a fruit salad sweet-time for men to grow into wearing those orange and pinks.


Clean-shaven but with a shaggy haircut and colorful cardy with a hint of colored lip balm and foundation. This is a hint of the new look you can expect on the catwalk and the high street in 2022. Men will continue to take thorough care of the skin and hair while appearing causal along the way.

Fraquoh and Franchomme

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