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How to Ganache a Cake with Straight Edges

By Bewilderedbug @bewilderedbug

Have you ever gotten a professional cake and wondered how they got the edges so perfectly?

Well it’s not the easiest thing and it requires a lot of practice.  I was having a bit of problems getting my buttercream nice and smooth and square and ready for fondant, then a friend of mine referred me to this video.

It is a bit long (15 minutes) and is done with ganache as opposed to buttercream, but I assume that once you have well-chilled buttercream, you can use the metal T-square (L-square?) to square your cake in the same manner.

Otherwise, ganache is a spectacular finish for pre-fondant – as you can see in the video.

I hope you enjoy…

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How to ganache a cake with straight edges

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