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How To Gain Muscle Weight

By Mia_patterson

How To Gain Muscle Weight Steadily

How To Gain Muscle Weight
Want to learn how to gain muscle weight in a steady and healthy manner? You must first banish all thoughts of finding the next miracle pill or supplements that can make you a muscular man in days. Such talks or advertisements you see are all crap and what they sell you is rubbish that do more harm than good to your body. What really works requires your willingness to set aside time for a suitable workout routine and the discipline to follow an appropriate diet. If you are committed to both of these requirements, you are ready to learn how to gain muscle and weight.
Our muscle growth responds best to consistency in training. There are some important tips you need to apply in order to bulk up and gain muscle weight.
1. Eating more is the first step to gain muscle weight. No input equals no output. It is that simple. So eat more calories but not unhealthy fats like saturated fats or trans fats from junk food like French fries, burgers, candy bars and other stuff in the same category. Beef up your meals with protein-rich foods like fish, poultry and nuts.
2. Spread out your meals. Instead of eating 3 heavy meals, go for 6 small meals every 2 to 3 hourly. This is the right way to eat to gain weight. If you work in the office and cannot leave your desk, try packing your meals.
3. Work on weight resistance training and keep them short. Each workout session should not last more than one hour.
4. Do free weight exercises like dead lifts, bench presses, military presses, squats and pull ups for best effects.
5. Carry heavy weights on low repetitions. Take a short break of a few minutes in between each set.
6. Exercise regularly over the week on consecutive days with breaks in between. This is to give your body some time to adjust and to rest.
7. Drink lots of water. Half a gallon a day is great to replenish your body and excellent for you to gain muscle and weight.
8. Eating nutritional weight gain supplements does help you to gain muscle and weight. But these weight gain products can be quite costly and if you find them beyond your budget, stick with egg whites as substitutes.
9. Sleep at least 8 full hours every night. You need the sleep in order for your body to gain muscle and weight.
10. Finally, always track your progress. Weigh yourself during the weekends and see if you are gaining enough weight. Also, find out what is your body fat percentage to determine if you need to modify your diet. These would help you to decide if you should add in more calories into your meals and improve your workout routine.
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