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How to Fix Commercial Roof Leaks

By Kravelv

We all know how essential a roof is and how important it is to keep it strong. Without a strong roof above our head, it is a constant tension that any moment the roof or any material of it can collapse right on top of us. It can cause very severe hazard and it will cost a good amount of money to fix the issue too. Commercial roofs are usually very big in size and they need more care than residential roofs. Something like roof leaks can damage a commercial place more than a residential roof can ever do as a commercial place if stuffed with important papers and other gadgets and the last thing you want is ruining your important papers.

How to fix commercial Roof Leaks

The best way to prevent commercial roof leaks is keeping a check on your commercial roof every now and then. Calling up roofing contractors in Canton Michigan (5860 N. Canton Rd Suite 356, Canton, MI 48187) and getting their help is essential in this case. You cannot just risk it and think that you can monitor it by yourself. Commercial roofs have many technicalities and it cannot be compared to a residential roof. It is much more complicated than a residential roof. It is also very big in size, so even if you want, you would not be able to monitor it by yourself. Professional help is needed.

There are few common signs of a potential leak. If you notice any of these signs, make sure to call up a roofing contractor right away. Do not waste any time. Wasting time and delaying to call a contractor may result in a bigger problem.

If you see a change of color on your roof from below, you need to monitor it further. If you see sunlight coming through your wooden roof, it is a definite sign that your roof has a hole in it. Your roof can have no holes and yet leak during rainfall because there must be any gap between tiles or shingles. If you find any dampen area in your roof, you cannot wait. You need to call a contractor immediately.

Check the flashing more often. The flashing can cause leaking too. If your flashing is not working properly, it will cause water not to drain properly. Stuck water can damage the roof more quickly.

A damaged membrane can also be a reason of commercial roof leakage. Make sure to fix it immediately if you have any damaged membrane on your roof. If there are any open penetration on your roof, it is likely to leak. You need to seal them properly in order to prevent leakage.

Water drainage system is one of the most common problems of roof leakage. Make sure to install a good drainage system for your roof. It needs to be well maintained too. You also need to clean the gutter more often in order to prevent leakage. If there are any trees, make sure they are well pruned and trimmed.

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