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How to Fit a Bra - Berlei Vs Freya

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Yesterday I got all excited when I discovered that Berlei do a range of bras that go up to an H cup.  So I decided to go and try on and see how they fit.  To make a comparison I took 2 Berlei and 2 Freya bras into the change room.
When fitting a bra, there are a few points that need to fit well to make it comfortable, supportive and flattering.
One of the most important fitting points is the cleavage. With an underwire bra  the wire should sit flat on your rib cage between your breasts. This gives you more support, lift and shape.   Unfortunately, as you can see in the pictures on the left, neither Berlei bra underwire sat anywhere near my ribcage.   So a mono-boob situation.   The pictures on the right are of two Freya bras, which did fit well with the underwire sitting firmly on my chest wall.

Left: Berlei bras the underwire doesn't sit on chest wall
Right: Freya bras - the underwire sits on chest wall

The other most common fitting issue is that the back rides up - this is because your band size is too large - to fix this is easy, just go down a band size (or two) until you get a snug fit that doesn't ride up.
And remember, you only have two breasts, if you look like you have 4 (spilling out from the cup) then go up a cup size or two until your breasts fit neatly inside the cup.

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