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How To Find Blog Post Content! Get 60 Blog Post Ideas In 15 Minutes

Posted on the 22 June 2017 by David Mark @fastwaystoearn
One of the thing that keeps a lot of people from blogging consistently and gaining traction with their blog is coming up with new blog post content, what am gonna do now, I will show you 5 different ways on how to come up with 60 post idea in about 15 minutes. this are 60 blog post that people actually will be interested in because they are topics that are already popular.
Find Blog Post Content

if you want to get fast traffic and you want to get attract quickly with a blog, the real key is to write about popular topic

1. facebook

the very first method I want to show you is through using Facebook if we go to our Facebook home screen any day or anytime, in your Facebook news feed just scroll down on the right-hand sidebar and you will see a section there that says Trending. you can come down of the button and click see more, 

Find Blog Post Content

you can just move your mouse over those, and see what this topic are people talking about right now on Facebook. what I recommend you to do, is to scroll down until you find something that is interesting to you, and then click and look for more information.

you can grab some content that already exists, you can grab a video, you can grab a section of content out of another blog where somebody talking about or providing commentary and then you write your commentary around that and then share that content and that becomes your blog post.

of course, anytime you are grabbing somebody else handwriting content out of blog post or another publication, you want to give them credit for that and link back to the original copy that is just the normal way to do that.

the cool thing about this is that, when you are using this type of method to come up with content that you already know is popular when you share that blog post on Facebook and other social network, people are going to click on it. they will visit your blog and check it out because this are things people are already interested in right now.

there is no guess about if they gonna like my post or they gonna interesting in the topic, with this method they are already interested and you know that.

2. Google Trend

if you go to Google trend search, it will give you what trending at this very moment, you will see all the different things people are searching on right now, it also tells you how many searches happening on that topic.

Find Blog Post Content

I found one here The 3 Best And Worst Things About The OnePlus 5, that is pretty cool, you also have your keyword OnePlus 5 or hashtag you can use on social media, let click on that to check it out.

Find Blog Post Content

here is a blog that did a full article on thisThe 3 Best And Worst Things About The OnePlus 5 , you gad picture you can use, you gad a video to use with all kind of content there.

Find Blog Post Content
Find Blog Post Content

this's something a lot of people are searching on right now, if you create a blog post around this, with the right blogging platform and authority domain, you will start getting searches because you will rank quickly for that topic.

3. ALLTOP takes all the most popular blog around the entire internet and put them together in a category, it shows you what the most popular right now, you can see the most popular story show up in a shaded box.

Find Blog Post Content

if you look down, you will see some of the most popular blog like Mashable, TechCrunch, Wired and more, you can come up with soo much different content idea so quickly. 

keep in mind that you don't always have to write all your own original post. there is a process called content curation that I use a lot and is something that works really well, especial for a new blogger that are trying to put out quality content.

when you go to somebody else blog post, let me just click one of the blogs here

Find Blog Post Content
Find Blog Post Content

when you read the article and you find some post that are really cool, you can use that same content, but write your own introduction paragraph on your own blog and then you come over to the blog post and grab the paragraph out and copy it.

you past it into your blog and give credit to the original, you can say credit to and then link back to this original article where you borrow that content. that is a proper way to do it. if you do it that way without just copy somebody else stuff and say it yours.

when you take other people's content and then you credit reference back to the original, and site like Mashable and other bloggers, everyone will love you for doing that because you are giving them credit and you are linking back to their blog, often they will do the same for you.

4. Buzzsumo is a site that I really like, if you go to Buzzsumo is a service base website you can signup for free and get unlimited free account which is what I personally have, I don't have any reason to upgrade to a paid account. what you can do, you can type in a specific topic, let just put in topic like website traffic.
Find Blog Post Content

and what that gonna do is searches over the past year for different blog post or content website that are the most popular that reference that specific key phrase. you can see one below, 7 Types of Content that Increase Website Traffic & Improve SEO.

Find Blog Post Content

if you are in online business niche, that is a great one to use, you can see it been shared like crazy on social network. that content is already social improving, aIso if I click on it and go to that post. now, here is the blog post

Find Blog Post Content

what I will do is read the post and I can easily just formulate my own blog post by utilizing somebody same idea and concept. you don't have to come up with this on your own, you can use the concept and content from other sites. if you want the content, just write your own intro paragraph and then just copy it and have a link back to the article, 

Give credit to the original author. and then write another closing paragraph after it. Buzzsumo is a great way to get content super fast and is already social improving content. 

Before I go into the fifth way

all this method of getting content for blog post can also be used for getting content for doing your own video, if you want to do video marketing, you can use this method to create your own video, to come up with idea of what to talk about. you read somebody else post and get some great information, then you can share that on a video.

5. Google Brain Storming 

this's probably my most favorite method to come up with idea for content, what I like to do is, I like to start by just going to google search and typing in something like how to

Find Blog Post Content

if I want to create a blog post that teaches somebody how to do something or I want to create a video that teaches somebody how to do something. just type in stuff and you can get some great idea that starts coming up. any of this things will make a blog post or video.

this are thing that guarantees you gonna get some traffic because this are already things people are typing in, you can type things like how to make. how to get, how to fix, how to correct and more.

there is a lot of post idea you can come up with, i hope you get something from this, if you have any comment you use the box below. 

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