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How to Fight Against Viruses

Posted on the 17 March 2020 by Master Adviser - Share Ideas : @masteradviser
This may help you (from my personal experience). Ask your known virus affected person to drink plenty of warm water, wash hand and face (with anticeptic soap for minimum 20 sec before applying water) and eat boiled easily digestive food. especially boiled mixture of rice, potato,raw banana, raw papaya and moringa leaves if possible. Avoid protein, spicy items.
I don't know which virus affected me few days back (on 3rd March). I had similar symptoms. High fever, cough, throats burning, peculiar body pain, talking rubbish,,, fever was not coming down below 101.   Paracetamol was not working. Infact it was increasing the fever. Even 1g didn't help... I had consulted doctor immediately. Isolated myself and took complete bed rest for 4 days as advised... I drank plenty of water along with prescribed medicin... Ate boiled rice with only boiled papaya and banana no other things,,, covered my face with medical masks always (even while trying to sleep) to stop spreading... One thing I had noticed, ORS was very effective reduce fever... It's been 15 days, I'm much much better now but still weaknesses is there
Susanta Chakraborty

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