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How To Feel More Confident When Going To The Gym

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette

How To Feel More Confident When Going To The Gym

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Going to the gym is a great way to stay fit and healthy. If you have a gym membership, you’re more inclined to follow a fitness routine that will benefit your health in the long and short terms. Unfortunately, there’s one major problem that holds lots of you back: confidence. You lack the confidence to feel comfortable in a gym environment, making it harder for you to actually stick to a routine. As a result, your health and well-being suffer, and all because you don’t feel confident in yourself! 

How do you address this issue and start feeling more comfortable going to the gym? It’s honestly not as hard as it initially seems. It can feel like this is a mammoth of a task, but you can slowly work on getting yourself to a point where going to the gym no longer fills you with anxiety. Here are a few ideas to try:

Work on building your own self-confidence

A good starting point is to figure out why you’re self-conscious. For many of you, this is an issue that plagues your entire life, not just when going to the gym. Perhaps it could be beneficial to work with a life coach to help understand the root of your confidence issues and how to build a sense of self-worth back up. This alone can be enough for many of you to start believing in yourself and commit to going to the gym more often. 

Find the best gym environment for you

Often, your lack of confidence stems from the gym environment around you. As a newbie, you can walk into a commercial gym full of fitness models and instantly feel worse than them. Just breathing the same air as these people make you feel self-conscious, so you’re less inclined to return. Therefore, finding a better gym can be a smart way of gaining more confidence. A lot of women have started going to female-only gyms, which makes them feel so much more confident as they’re only around other women. You could also choose to go to a smaller, more private gym, rather than a massive one. If you haven’t already seen and read it, there’s another post on this blog specifically about choosing the right gym. Feel free to check it out here

Learn the basics at home

For most people, a lack of gym confidence comes from a lack of ability. You don’t really know what you’re doing, so you’re self-conscious when entering the gym. This happens to just about everyone when they start working out, so don’t worry. The best idea is to learn the basics at home and build your confidence in your own abilities. When you’re more confident at working out at home, you can transition into the gym. Or, go to the gym during the quietest hours when hardly anyone is around, so you can learn and practice in peace. It’s all about taking baby steps to build your skills and have fewer things to worry about. 

Becoming more confident in a gym environment is so beneficial for your health & wellbeing! Going to the gym will no longer feel like a huge challenge, making it so easy to stick to a regular routine. From here, you’ll see all the health and fitness advantages!

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How To Feel More Confident When Going To The Gym

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