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How to Easily Access the Trade Route Market (7 Easy Steps)

Posted on the 02 September 2017 by Darkwebnews @darkwebnews

Trade Route Market Down or Up:

User Guide: The Trade Route onion link: http://traderouteilbgzt.onion/?r=rvn50How to Easily Access the Trade Route Market (7 easy steps)
Total Listings: 17,819
Drug Listings: 10,383

Despite the recent crackdown on dark web marketplaces, there are still some sites struggling to keep the community running.

Now that the two biggest markets, AlphaBay and Hansa, have been closed down it remains to be seen which marketplace will rise above the crowd to become the next big gathering place for the darknet market community.

One of the more prominent contenders for the title is the Trade Route market.

Despite the fact that the site started out relatively slowly due to being overshadowed by bigger marketplaces, the Trade Route market has begun to gather notice from the community.

The Trade Route Market is designed by a group of darknet market veterans, whose goal was to create the ultimate best dark marketplace.

Moreover, if you are feeling tired of all swindles and scams connected to the dark web and the darknet markets in general, the Trade Route is the place where your needs can be served by the many experienced administrators showing their abilities and knowledge.

More and more big vendors are flocking in, attempting to recuperate their losses.

This means that they will have to build up their accounts on the Trade Route market, which in turn means that they will most likely be offering some discounts and even free samples.

This sounds like great news for potential Trade Route market buyers, especially due to the fact that setting up an account and ordering is a fairly straightforward and easy task.

How to Easily Access the Trade Route Market (7 easy steps)

Furthermore, the Trade Route Market provides options for features such as 2FA (for two-factor authentication), also no FE, reduced transaction fees/sales commissions and much more!

Now, in order to access the dark web, you must be aware of the procedure that is required in order to stay anonymous and secure in doing so.

So, let's dive into it in the guide below.

Step-by-step guide on how to access the Trade Route Market (7 easy steps)


Like with any other endeavor, there is a certain level of preparation that needs to be completed before beginning.

This holds especially true for accessing a marketplace such as the Trade Route market.

Moreover, the Trade Route Market is a part of the dark web. And now I guess you are wondering what is this "dark web" thing?

Well, the dark web is the hidden, undiscovered layer of the Internet which enables its users to access the Internet both for lawful and unlawful purposes.

More specifically the dark web empowers its consumers to find the most wanted, forbidden products on the darknet markets and in this case the Trade Route Market.

However, the dark web with all of its attributes comes at a certain cost.

More precisely staying safe and anonymous in this part of the internet is definitely a challenging, but still not impossible thing to do.

The last thing you want is to end up on a watch-list of some law enforcement agency, just for accessing a marketplace for research purposes.

To prevent this from happening, there are several pieces of software that you will have to download and several habits that you need to learn and use.

1. New Machine (Optional)

For those who want to be completely off the grid of detection, we recommend using a fresh laptop or computer that cannot be traced back to you.

This includes machines in internet cafes and such, but bear in mind that such places can have cameras installed.

Ideally, buy a used laptop for cash and make sure that its previous owner doesn't know your personal information.

Also, laptops are recommended over desktop PCs as they can be easily disposed of in the worst case scenario.

2. Tor (The Onion Router)

Unlike the last step, this one is mandatory to successfully enter the dark web.

The Tor browser is the bread and butter of the dark web, meaning that one cannot even visit sites located on the network without its use.

Tor is essentially a heavily modified Mozilla browser; it works by using a vast network of computer nodes, volunteered by other Tor users.

The Onion Router itself is an encryption tool which works in a principle of adding layers of encoding at each node or link on your way to accessing a website (in this case the Trade Route Market).

When connecting to the internet via Tor, your connection will be redirected several times through those nodes, which masks it from anyone trying to figure out what you're looking at.

But it is of utmost importance to note that Tor itself does not offer complete privacy protection, as there are ways to listen in even on a connection made with Tor.

Even the creators of Tor are urging the use of a VPN service-which we will cover next.

Furthermore, be certain you download the Virtual Private Network first because of these days the feds and the ISPs (Internet Service Providers are tracking everyone who is downloading Tor, no matter if it is for legal or illegal purposes).

The legitimate link where you can find the Tor browser is:

3. VPN (Virtual Private Network)

VPN or Virtual Private Network serves a similar purpose as Tor but uses a slightly different technology to perform its task.

You can find the best VPNS's for Tor usage here.

When connecting through a VPN, your connection goes through an encrypted tunnel, making it impossible for anybody to listen in on it.

The downside to this is that while you hide your Tor usage from your ISP, there is still the matter of your data being present in your VPN provider's logs.

This is where you have to be careful and choose a trustworthy and reliable VPN provider.

More exactly you must use a well-known website, something similar to this one.

The main function of the VPN is to provide a completely new IP address located anywhere you like worldwide.

For example, you could be living in the US and your VPN provider gives you an address in Mexico.

However, there are several factors to take into consideration when making this choice:

First, you should find out where your VPN provider works well with Tor.

If it does not work with Tor then it is useless.

Secondly, there are VPN providers who do not keep usage logs at all and this is the best case scenario for any dark web member.

Even if the price of the service is higher than that of similar service providers who keep usage logs, it is highly advised you pay extra, as the zero-logs policy can often make all the difference in a tight spot.

Lastly, the payment method your VPN is requesting should ideally be in Bitcoin-a cryptocurrency used for digital payments.

So, to sum it up, you need to use the combination of Tor and VPN for accessing the dark web and staying safe in the process.

Both of them used individually are pretty useless.

More precisely, the Tor browser could lead to your location and the VPN provider by itself cannot be used without a browser.

But, if you create "the dark web access combo" you will be safe in the process of accessing the Trade Route Market.

This means in case your Tor browser gets hacked and your data is monitored, the VPN service would take the feds/ISPs to your newly provided address.

4. PGP

Pretty Good Privacy (or PGP for short) has, despite its funny name, become an encryption standard worldwide.

As such, it should not be a coincidence that the dark web community has taken a liking to the program.

OpenPGP is a piece software that uses the PGP encryption algorithm and should be downloaded and used for all written communication on the dark web.

OpenPGP works by providing users with a private and a public key.

The public key is shared with the other person you wish to communicate with and the private key should be written down and kept safe.

Your public key will be used by the other person to encrypt the message that you'll decrypt with your private key, and vice-versa.

This way only the owner of a private key, that corresponds to the public key used for encryption, can decrypt and read the message.

Encrypting any and every message is a crucial habit for anyone communicating via the dark web, and for those wanting to use the Trade Route market.

Any unencrypted message will most likely be discarded without even being read, and its sender could get blocked from communication.

Browsing through the Trade Route Market

5. Account Creation

The only way to get access to Trade Route market, as with any other dark web sites, is by following a link.

Make extra sure that the link is a legitimate one, as there are many phishing sites on the dark web that mimic a particular service to trick users into giving up their personal information and funds.

For example, you can use this website for finding the valid links of the darknet markets (in this case the Trade Route).

In this case, the legitimate link of the market is: http://traderouteilbgzt.onion/?r=rvn50

I will not explain the part of using the Tor browser and entering the marketplace because it is completely identical to using a regular browser.

How to Easily Access the Trade Route Market (7 easy steps)
You should just enter the marketplace URL into the address bar and you will be taken to the Trade Route.

However, keep the Tor browser into its default original size.

If you maximize it your monitor size could be determined, which can cause tracking your location.

After successfully landing on the front page of the Trade Route market, there will be an account creation form visible.

Just fill out all the fields with the necessary information and click on the 'Register' button.

Make sure you use a name and password that you have not used before and cannot be traced back to you in any way.

The best strategy is to just come up with a completely new login you've never used before.

How to Easily Access the Trade Route Market (7 easy steps)

Moreover, make sure you create a pretty difficult password. Logically the easier the password is, the higher the chances of hacking are.

However, be aware that you cannot use a username or password that sounds faux.

Take note that the 10,000 most popular passwords and pins like 'qwerty', 'asdfgh' and '12345' have been blocked to strengthen the security of the Trade Route market.

How to Easily Access the Trade Route Market (7 easy steps)

In the drop-down menu located on the account setup form, you can choose your preferred currency and all Bitcoin prices will be converted to that currency automatically.

6. Browsing through the marketplace

To place an order, you first need to browse the many listings on the Trade Route market.

The listings of the Trade Route are located on the left side of the website.

Moreover, there are 23 categories, and each of them includes a couple more categories.

If you are not sure what you are looking for, feel free to review the categories and everything they have to offer.

How to Easily Access the Trade Route Market (7 easy steps)
After you choose what you want, click on the listing and a window with the item's details will open up.

In this window, you'll find vendor information such as their username and rating.

How to Easily Access the Trade Route Market (7 easy steps)
Each vendor starts with a rating of 50, which increases or decreases depending on the amount of successful or unsuccessful sales they carry out.

In the same window, you can choose the quantity of the listed item you want to order, as well as the shipping method.

How to Easily Access the Trade Route Market (7 easy steps)
Anyhow, if you want to find a good-rated vendor before you choose the product, you can find the top 10 vendors right below the categories/listings on the home page of the website.

After you choose the product or the vendor, be certain you check their quality and the comments of the previous buyers.

No one wants to be deceived, right?

7. Conclusion

Despite being one of the smaller dark web marketplaces, the Trade Route market is becoming more and more popular due to the fact that its competitors are either shutting down or exit scamming.

How to Easily Access the Trade Route Market (7 easy steps)

The Trade Route is definitely a market with one of the simplest UIs, which makes it one of the easiest marketplaces to use on the dark web.

This, however, does not take away from the fact that it offers a great level of reliability for its users.

Last but not least I must warn you about the danger the dark web brings.

You must not forget at any time you are on a dark market, so in order to stay secure and anonymous, I recommend you follow the steps above, most importantly using a VPN and Tor, sticking to all tips and tricks and having the best possible experience on this kind of websites.


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