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How to Drink Alcohol on a Diet

By Menscience

Going on a diet does not necessarily mean giving up every luxury food or drink. With careful planning, men can see amazing results while still indulging a little. Enjoy the occasional drink on a diet by following these tips:

Select a Low-Calorie Drink

Instead of drinking a high-calorie beer or a mixed drink with added sugars, select an option that is low in sugar and calories. A few options for a night out with friends or loved ones include ultra-light beers, red wine and liquor with club soda or a diet variety of a favorite soda. By selecting options that reduce the amount of calories, you can squeeze a drink or two into your daily calorie allotment.

Perform Extra Exercise

When it’s not possible to select a low-calorie alternative or when the temptation to drink a favorite beer arises, it might be easier to give into the craving and just make changes to your exercise schedule. By giving into the occasional craving and adding more exercise on that particular day, it is possible to balance the excess caloric intake. Using supplements such as a pre-workout supplement may help speed up your metabolism to burn even more calories during exercise.

Drink More Water

Alcoholic beverages can result in dehydration throughout the day. By drinking more water, it is possible to reduce the risk of gaining extra water weight as well as encourage the body to increase your metabolism. Cold water with lemon is particularly useful in boosting your metabolism. Your body needs to heat up the water for consumption, so you burn a few extra calories in the process.

The appropriate amount of water for any individual will vary, but usually ranges from 64 to 100 ounces per day. Adding eight extra ounces of water for every 30 minutes of exercise and every alcoholic drink will help ensure the body does not become dehydrated. “9 Hydration Tips for Men” lists some simple ways to boost your water intake.

Switch Your Diet Up

If you plan on drinking a beer or two, make up for it elsewhere in your diet. Eat a lighter lunch or replace one of your meals with a low-calorie protein shake. This way, you’ll stay within your calorie limit for the day. To find out how else a protein powder may help your waistline, check out “The Benefits of Protein for Men.”

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