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How to Dress to Command Respect

By Attireclub @attireclub

These days, there is a lot of talk about men who are or who want to be alpha males. Among all this chatter, the very definition of an alpha male is what seems to be the biggest concern people have around, this topic.

So, what's an alpha male? To put it simply, an alpha male is a leader. He's someone who commands respect and someone who inspires people to follow him. As the old saying goes, men want to be him; women want to be with him.

Often, you can always identify a man who is an alpha male just by looking at him. He may be dressed simply, but he exudes confidence no matter what he wears. Whether bearded or clean-shaven, his grooming is impeccable, but without looking like he spent hours in front of a mirror. Simplicity and effortlessness, but with a great air of sophistication is what great style is all about - it's what's known as sprezzatura in the men's fashion world.

You can look like an alpha male with a few simple changes to your wardrobe and personal habits. How do you do it? Check out these tips.

An alpha male doesn't have a wardrobe bursting with many clothes. Instead, he spends money wisely on a few quality items. These items fit him well and are always occasion-appropriate. If you want to dress like an alpha male, consider spending a little more than you usually would on great clothes with quality stitching and on-trend design. It may feel pricey at first, but you'll end up saving money over the long-term since they will likely last longer.

The basis of great style is to wear only clothes that fit. Clothes that are too tight aren't just uncomfortable; they make you look like you're trying too hard. On the other hand, clothes that are too loose look sloppy. Always go for clothes that fit because they're comfortable to wear and can also emphasize your physique. Even if your body isn't in great shape, fitted clothing will likely make you look good and will give you great confidence.

How to Dress to Command Respect
Jeans are an integral part of the alpha male's style. You can wear them anywhere these days. Again, fit matters in this piece of clothing. Always choose a jeans cut that allows you to move freely and which feels comfortable for hours. Jeans that fit you snugly are comfortable, easy to wear and draw attention to the shape of your legs. While it's important that you spend money on quality jeans, you don't have to blow your cash on a designer pair. As long as they're durable and well made, they're okay.

If you wear business shirts for work, ensure they are well-ironed so you can look your best. Most cities offer shirt cleaning and ironing services that will help keep you looking sharp. Make sure you have a few casual t-shirts or polo shirts in your closet that also look sharp. These are great for more casual settings. Like a good pair of jeans, you can wear casual shirts almost anywhere these days. Casual shirts can be easily paired with dressier items if the occasion calls for something fancy. It's up to you what colors and designs you choose. However, an alpha male commands attention every time he walks into a room because of his personality and the way he holds himself. In this sense, it can be said that overly graphic tees and tops with bright colors can outshine the commanding personality of an alpha male.

Even if you don't follow design trends, you need a few accessories for completing your style. Shoes are often the finishing touch that makes or breaks an alpha male's style. What you need are a pair of sports shoes, a pair of leather shoes for dressy events, and a pair of go-to casuals for everything else. Well-fitting cowboy boots can work as casual footwear. Also, you don't need more than two jackets or coats - a thick winter coat and a light jacket for spring. Always get a coat that you won't be afraid to get dirty. And what about bling? Wearing bling is a personal choice, but a well-made watch that also reflects your personality always works.

Nothing shouts "alpha male" more than a well-tailored suit. How do you think James Bond managed to look gritty and glamorous at the same time? It's all in the suit. Even though you may not wear a suit that often, it pays to have one or two stashed in your closet. Have your suit tailored so it fits you just right. Make sure that your suit is made with beautiful but wear-resistant materials so you can enjoy it for years to come.

An alpha male is always well groomed and looking fresh. Clean-shaven works, but he's not afraid to sport a five-o'-clock stubble. If he wears facial hair, it's neat and trimmed. Whether short or long, his hair is always styled properly. Above all, he looks clean and smells clean too.

To conclude, it can be said that an alpha male is one who takes pride in his appearance but makes it a point to keep things simple and understated. Your confidence draws you attention no matter what you wear so choose clothing that makes you feel powerful and confident. By feeling confident you'll hold your body in a more powerful, commanding manner and speak with greater confidence and authority. In this sense, you can use fashion to influence your emotional and psychological state, so there's great power in style.

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