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How To Do SEO, In Less Than 10 Minutes a Day

Posted on the 26 September 2014 by Andykinsey @andykinsey

Do you want great search rankings?
in less time than it takes to drink a cup of coffee

I recently took part in a conversation in a Facebook Group. The conversation centred around SEO on websites within the wedding industry. One of the biggest ideas being thrown around was that SEO takes forever.
The reality, in my experience, is that it doesn’t need to take hours a day, indeed just 10 minutes a day performing simple SEO tasks will help you to gain higher rankings and better quality of traffic.

To help you get started here are 50 SEO tasks you can do in less than 10 minutes…

  1. Survey Your Clients (simple keyword research)
    Talk with your previous and current clients, send an email asking how they found you, what were they looking for in particular, what did they search for on Google (and importantly if they were looking now what would they search for).
  2. Talk With Competitors in Another Region (competitor research by proxy)
    No one really feels 100% comfortable talking with competitors locally about what they are targetting or finding out within the industry. But if you’ve got friends from another region of the country or even world, ask them – even take some time to give them a call. You will both gain some real insight from this.
  3. Benchmark Your Current SEO
    Use the SEO Andy SEO Checklist, spend 10 minutes each day and page-by-page tick off all the boxes to ensure you know where you are upto. Those you can’t tick, keep a list of – when you get more than 10 minutes you can work on them.
  4. Set up Your Google+ Profile for Business
    Always leverage tools given to you by search engines, Google updated it’s local business tools recently. You can find them here, its quick, easy and free.
  5. Check Your Social Profiles Are Upto Date
    Check your facebook page description and twitter bio to ensure they are accurate and linking to your website. Also check you are using the same profile picture across social media.
  6. Schedule Your Social Media Posts
    Of course its a wonderful idea to be around to answer question on social media, however for those times when you can’t be around or for tasks you froget about – use a tool such as Buffer to schedule posts. Even if you just organize a daily tweet linking to your site, it’s worth it.
  7. Write a Short Article
    If you’ve got a blog, and you should have, then you should sit once a week and quickly write an article based on something you’ve read or a upcoming trend. This makes the content timely and usually of more interest, thus it should gain more social shares and links.
  8. Focus On Updating One Page
    Find one page on your website that you haven’t updated in a few months, there is always one. Then update it as much as you can, update meta tags, image tag, textual content and then share it again. This goes for even those sites which offer galleries of work, such as Wedding Photographers websites such as this page on Mick Cooksons website.
  9. Answer a Common Industry Question
    Some of the most popular blogs on SEOAndy are answer very common industry questions or fighting against SEO myths. They don’t take long to write, and where you are answering a few in one go, split the task over a few days.
  10. Read an SEO Blog
    I have found that there is nothing that will inspire a website owner more to take action than to see the results of the work which others are doing. So in reading an SEO Blog you will no doubt see those results, but you will also discover the secrets of how to achieve them. (I hope SEOAndy is one of the blogs you choose to read).

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