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How to Develop Your Personal Style

By Attireclub @attireclub

How to Develop Your Personal StyleAny modern man knows that finding his personal style is key to looking like a true 21 st century gentleman, but amongst the plethora of trends that come out season after season, it can be hard to know which ones are for you. There are many great styles out there and it is great to experiment with your look, but it is also important to understand what works for you and from what to stay far away. Accepting yourself, your body and your character is the basic starting block of understanding what will not only make you look great, but feel great as well. And remember, just because Johnny Depp looks dashing in hats and swathes of jewelry, it doesn't necessarily mean you will.

So how do you figure out which style best suits you? We have gathered some of the top ways to develop your personal style.

How to Develop Your Personal Style
The initial stage of developing your personal style is to take stock of what you have. Go through your wardrobe and look at which pieces you actually wear and which you feel most comfortable in. We often own clothes that we may be drawn to because they represent an ideal we are aiming for, a person we envision ourselves being, but at too many times, all they do is make us feel inadequate. Edit your wardrobe and get rid of anything you don't wear so you can start fresh.

Once you have cleaned your closet, it is time to lay the foundation. To do this you need to understand your aim. What do you envision your style being? How do you see yourself and what do you want your style to express about you? Take your daily activities into account, your lifestyle and how you want your clothes to make you feel. You will also need to think about what shapes flatter your body and which colors suit you. Once you have made this decision, start building your collection of high-quality basics. These should work with all other pieces in your wardrobe and fit impeccably.

How to Develop Your Personal Style
Nowadays, we have an enormous inspiration resource right at our fingertips: the Internet. Go online to look at pictures of celebrities whose style you admire and see how you can incorporate it into your own wardrobe. Don't fall into the trap of simply copying what they wear though, remember to alter it to suit you. You could even create your own online style diary by using a service to buy a domain name and start a blog to take others on the journey of developing your style with you. You could get some support from others in a similar situation and you might even end up as inspiration on someone else's Pinterest board.

How to Develop Your Personal Style
If all else fails, you can turn to one of the many online styling services available today. These services allow you to choose a stylist you feel is most suited to you, who will then make an appointment for a Skype call with you. During the call they will discuss your exact styling needs, regarding whether you just require a little general support or have a specific event you want their help dressing for. They will then send you outfit suggestions based on what you discussed. How very 21st century!

Many men feel discouraged if their style doesn't improve right from the first day of the process. The key, however, is to be persistent and work hard on it. Even if you don't notice results right away, after a few days, you will start seeing improvements in your style and soon you'll be the best version of yourself.

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