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How To Design Your Dream Bathroom

By Fashionbloggeritalia @PamelaSoluri

The bathroom is becoming more of an environment for people to live and relax. Your personal dream bath responds to complex needs and combines a unique design of all the imaginable aspects in a bathroom.

Many hotels offer various wellness services to allow guests to relax and escape from the stress and the frenzy of everyday life. Today, more people would like to be able to experience the same healthful and regenerating luxury of spa at home.

Many people dreaming a beautiful and spacious bathroom. But when it comes to realizing it, often the dream quickly dissolves and the enthusiasm goes off in the face of the dilemma: what are the differences between a dream bath from a normal one?

The basis of a dream bath is first and foremost the choice of the appropriate design. It's not a simple thing though and it's important therefore to consider the "duration" of a bath.

The decor of a dream bath must meet the highest demands in terms of design, be out of fashion and always present.

Design, however, should not be an excuse for giving up functionality. Each design product should be easy to install and have a real use.

How To Design Your Dream Bathroom

A modern technology, including different materials, tiles, wood surfaces and upholstery, will allow you to see on your computer how your bathroom will be finished.

Even the most beautiful product and the best design lose value if the realization and installation are not carried out in a professional and artful way. A skilled technician will perform all the work properly, giving you the assurance that you have spent your money well.

Once finished and clean, you can finally relax and enjoy your new bathroom.
Let Maykke be in charge of finding the perfect balance of luxury and high quality products that ensures a lifetime of satisfaction.

How To Design Your Dream Bathroom

How to Pick the Perfect Bathtub

1. The black and white design enriches the bathroom: white-black is a classic color contrast. It represents the pure opposite and timeless elegance. Even in the bathroom, the black furniture surfaces are ideal in combination with the classic white ceramic.

2. All the technical elements remain hidden: relaxation is also a visual issue, so all the technical elements such as taps, cascade delivery or optional indirect lighting are hidden under a white or gray opaque top.

3. Maykke's freestanding bathtubs will complete your bathroom with their modern and sleek designs. Whether it be acrylic or cast iron, you can find a large selection of beautiful and luxurious clawfoot tubs and freestanding tubs.

4. Bathroom furnishings: it's reallyimportant to have functional and beautiful furniture in your dream bathroom such as bathroom vanities to complete the look. Not to mention being able to use it as storage to arrange the linen, tablecloths, etc.

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