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How to Delete PayPal Account: Step by Step Guide

Posted on the 17 October 2017 by Jyoti92 @Jyoti_Chauhan1

So you want to know how to delete Paypal account? Well, stay tuned till the last. And I will tell you how to do it.

Paypal is world’s most famous online money transaction system. And Millions of people rely on Paypal for sending and receiving payments worldwide.

Paypal is a sophisticated online payment system. And it’s enriched with amazing features. Getting started with Paypal is secure. And most importantly, the Interface of Paypal is convenient and safe.

The best thing about Paypal is, the only requirement to send and receive payments via Paypal is to have verified Paypal accounts at both the ends.

But despite all these things, there are good enough reasons for abandoning PayPal too! Before we move further to learn how to delete PayPal account, let’s first check out the reasons which can make you cancel your Paypal account.

Reasons to Delete Paypal Account:

Below are some of the reasons, due to which, people often opt for learning how to delete Paypal account.

  • The first and most important reason is the Transaction fees. The transaction fees of Paypal is pretty high as compared to other online payment systems.
  • Paypal has limited access, money transaction, and withdrawal limits.
  • Sometimes PayPal holds the Payment for no specific reasons
  • PayPal doesn’t support all the credit and debit cards to make Payments.
  • And top of that, Paypal is not supported in all the countries. So if your client, for whom you have created Paypal, belongs to any such countries where Paypal is not supported, there is no point in still keeping the Paypal account.
  • The other reason of Paypal account deletion can be of convenience. Maybe you want your Paypal account associated with a different email account than the current one?

Some people also delete their PayPal account for their own good reasons. No matter what the reason is and why you want to learn how to delete Paypal account, I’m always here to help you out.

Now let’s move further to the next section of the tutorial, i.e., how to delete Paypal account.

How to Delete Paypal Account:

How to Delete PayPal Account: Step by Step Guide

Deleting Paypal account is an easy task. And doesn’t take more than a few minutes to get completed. So in reality, “how to close Paypal account” is not something that needs be worried about.

The only tough part in this process is to decide to delete Paypal account. Because once the account is removed, it will be gone forever.

Once the decision has been made, and you are sure of deleting your Paypal account, the rest of the process on how to close a PayPal account is just a matter of few clicks.

Ready to learn how to delete a PayPal account?? let’s get started.

Method 1. How to Cancel Paypal Account

This method works in the new Paypal Interface.

Step 1. The first and foremost step to delete a Paypal account is to log in to your account. So go to the official PayPal website, enter your credentials and sign in.

How to Delete PayPal Account: Step by Step Guide

Step 2. Once you are logged in, just move your cursor on the top right corner on your account. And click on the gear icon. It’s the settings option of your Paypal account. If you can’t understand which option I’m talking about, just see the screenshot below.

How to Delete PayPal Account: Step by Step Guide

Step 3. On the settings page, by default, you will land on the ACCOUNT tab. And that’s where you will see a Close your account link, at the bottom of the screen. To locate the option easily, you can take help from the below screenshot.

Now just click on the Close your account link to proceed further.

How to Delete PayPal Account: Step by Step Guide

Step 4.  On clicking the close Paypal account link, you will get redirected to the confirmation page. Here, you will get notified about the same things I’ve said above.

Like, if the account is closed, you can’t get it back. And all the account data like transactions details, your information, etc. will be gone for good. And you can’t get it back.

If you haven’t yet changed your mind and you still want to delete your Paypal account, just click the Close Account button.

How to Delete PayPal Account: Step by Step Guide

Step 5. And in the very next moment, your account will be deleted permanently. Yes, it’s that simple.

Method 2: How to Delete Paypal Account

Paypal offers only one way of deleting Paypal account. So there is no chance of the second method.

This part of the Tutorial shows the PayPal deletion steps on the previous version of Paypal. In your profile, you can encounter any of the Interface mentioned in method 1 or 2. So go to your account settings and follow the steps, that are applicable to your account.

Let’s get started.

Step 1. First of all, go to your PayPal account. And click on the Profile icon, located beside Logout option at the top right corner.

How to Delete PayPal Account: Step by Step Guide

Step 2. Under my profile, click on the My Settings tab in the left pane. There, you will notice the link, close account at the top right corner. Just click on that link to proceed further.

To understand this step better, you can have a look at the screenshot below.

How to Delete PayPal Account: Step by Step Guide

Step 3. On clicking the Close Account button, soon a new pop-up window will get prompted. And you will require selecting the reason, for which you want to delete your account.

Step 4. In the next step, you need to confirm the Account deletion process by clicking the Continue button. However, you can also contact Paypal to resolve the issue, if it’s resolvable.

But if You are sure of deleting the account, just click the Continue button and move further.

How to Delete PayPal Account: Step by Step Guide

Step 5. Now you are almost done. The only step left is to Confirm the process one time by clicking the Close Account button. And you are done.

Yes, deleting PayPal account is that simple. But before you head over to delete your account, there are some points that you need to know.

Points to Remember Before Deleting Paypal:

Below are some points that you need to know about, before deletion of your Paypal account.

  • Paypal account can only be deleted when there is no balance remaining in your Paypal account. It needs to be empty, if there is any remaining balance to your Paypal account or credit card, first withdraw it to proceed further. If you have been an avid Paypal user, you must know the withdrawals can take up to 3-5 business days to complete.
  • Once the account has opted for deletion and the process of account deletion has been followed, all the scheduled or incomplete transactions are canceled automatically. So it’s recommended that you wait for the scheduled transaction to take place. And then delete the Paypal account.
  • Keep in mind that any Paypal account, which has account limitations or any unresolved issues remaining, can’t be closed. First, you need to contact the Paypal support team for assistance in resolving the issue. Once all the problems are resolved, you can delete it without any hassle.
  • Always remember, once the Paypal account is deleted. It’s deleted forever. And you can’t reopen it. So think twice before you opt for deleting your Paypal account.

But after deletion of the account, if you feel like wanting it back, the only thing you can do at that point of time is to REGRET. So decide carefully, and ask yourself “are you sure you will not want it back?”

Because, even if you recreate Paypal account with the same email ID, the account will be created easily. But the transaction history and all the other data of the account can’t be recovered.


Paypal is one of the first online Payment systems out there. And it’s really popular worldwide.

There are various reasons that make Paypal a popular money transaction systems. But as they say, nothing is perfect, so neither is Paypal. Like everything else, Paypal also has some downfalls.

In the first section of the tutorial, I’ve mentioned some of the reasons, which makes us ditch Paypal as our preferred Online transaction systems. And when the account is not in use, the best thing to do is to delete it.

Regardless of the reason that is causing you to delete your account, you can always refer to this comprehensive tutorial to learn the steps that are involved in Paypal account deletion.

However, the steps are so detailed that you won’t face any issues while following them. But in case if there are any, you can reach out to me by the comment section below. I’ll try my best to resolve the issues.

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