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How to Decorate Your Small Kitchen to Expand It Visually

By Anne Mehla
The room decoration plays an important role in the whole atmosphere and mood of the house inhabitants.Especially, when we talk about kitchen – the adytum for every mistress. It is very important to decorate your kitchen in the most convenient way – then you will cook with greater pleasure and your dish will be more delightful. Moreover your family get-together will pass memorably and you will remember it with a smile. However, it is difficult to get pleasure from cooking when your kitchen is not big enough – in this case you should involve great efforts and your imagination, and decorate your kitchen to make it comfortable for you and your family. Here are several useful design tips, to help you with the problem of the small kitchen.
How to decorate your small kitchen to expand it visually
  • Light.   It is a widespread design tip in order to expand the room. Concerning the kitchen I would like to advise you the following. To make your kitchen bigger – just let more light in it, don’t cover the window with heavy curtains. It is better to choose some colored curtains, but it doesn’t mean that you should use almost transparent; colored ones will lighten your room and ensure your privacy at the same time. What is more, you can paint it white – the best color for small rooms. It can seem the walls to recede and it seems like there are no limits or angles at all. However, combine different shades of white and some contrasting colors to avoid your kitchen from sterile look.
  • Use glass.Kitchen visual expansion demands a little bit of magic, as we need to deceive our brain to make it perceive the room bigger than it is. One of the most effective tips is to remove the cabinet doors and frontsand put the glass instead of them. It can make an impression that the walls are farther than they are in reality, and the effect will be more powerful if the things in the cupboard will be ordered and organized according to the colors and shapes.
  • Make the furnishing small. Your kitchen will look bigger when you choose the slight furniture for it, and it may concern not only the cupboards or table, but some piece of tableware. However, the material from which it is made doesn’t matter, the thing is that it may seem slighter than they are.
  • Avoid the clutter. Even the largest room can look smaller because of the garbage in it. Take care of your kitchen, remove the rest of sour or spices from different things, don’t leave the dirty dishes in the sink and try to order your kitchen appliance.
  • Follow the simplicity.Don’t fill your kitchen with unnecessary things and pieces of décor. There is a simple rule – just don’t overload your kitchen with different objects, leave the most important ones.
  • The floor. It is also important to choose the design for the kitchen floor. The successful combination of ornament and color can bring you desired effect. For example huge objects on the floor covering reduce the kitchen space, when the diagonal lines will make you feel more comfortable and your kitchen can seem wider, as your eye follow the line from one corner of the room to the other.

Here are the most used techniques in making your kitchen wider and bigger than it is in reality. You can freely use it in your house, and can observe the magical result of these tips.
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