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How to Decide What to Splurge on and What to Save on

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

Fashion trends come and go, how do you decide what is worth spending up big (for you) on and what to buy cheap?


Splurge on

splurge on


splurge on by imogenl featuring wedge heels

Quality jackets and pants in great neutral colours that work with your existing wardrobe.

A great bra or two.  Foundations matter, a great bra will make your waist look slimmer.

Good quality stylish shoes and boots that you find comfortable to wear for years to come.

A trench coat that you’ll wear season after season, year after year.

Signature items.  Do you always wear belts?  Get the best quality you can find.  Known for your animal prints? Don’t buy ones that look cheap.

Save on

save on


save on by imogenl featuring tie pants

Costume jewellery.  There are so many great places you can get costume jewellery these days for little.  Jewellery can add interest and detail and focal points to your outfit and is important, but no need to buy everything in solid gold and diamonds!

The latest fashion trend.  Yes, sometimes it’s great to update your wardrobe with a new piece that is of the moment, but don’t spend too much, these garments won’t be the ones you’re wearing in a few years time.

Patterned items.  We get sick of patterns more quickly than solid colours, plus they go out of fashion faster.  So don’t blow your budget on a patterned garments, the only exception to this is if it’s a classic pattern such as stripes or animal print (and that’s one of your signature prints).

T-shirts that quickly can stretch out of shape or become discoloured.


What do you spend more on?  What do you always buy on the cheap?

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