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How to Deal with Stressed out Kids?

By The Shri Ram School

Parents try to do the best for their children in every way possible from selecting Best school in Delhifor them to making sure they excel in their extra curricular. Yet, these days more and more children are getting overburdened since they are put through extremely stressful circumstances. Between schoolwork, homework, tests and exam anxiety, co-curricular activities and peer pressure, kids these days are under a lot of stress.
How to deal with stressed out kids?

Is your kid stressed out?

The mood or behavior of child will change if they are stressed out, according to leading pediatric psychologists. In a situation where a kid is stressed out he or she will seem irritated, cry more, withdraw for activities, or have negative self depreciating conversations. He or she might complain about headaches or stomachaches and have a shift in their sleep and food cycle. Kids under stress will mostly not want to go to school and have problems while getting ready. If you have noticed the above stated symptoms, there is a strong possibility that your child is over stressed. But fret not, here are a few ways you cab help them cope with it.
1. Stop the chaosThey say “A rushed child is never a calm child”. A chaotic morning sets the wrong tone for the rest of the day. So make sure you have a morning schedule, leave enough time and make sure everything they need is ready to go.
2. Get more sleepKids who get enough sleep are likely to be less irritable and better able to handle school stress.  Sleep is extremely essential to a child’s well-being. Statistics show that enough sleep results in children being less irritable and better at handling stress.
3. TalkThe solution to every problem is communication. If you suspect that your kid is over burdened or bullied, have a conversation with them by asking them how his or her day has been. This is a good way to subtly suggest them what to do, especially with older kids who don’t like being told.
4. Practice relaxationRelaxation techniques like deep breathing, progressive muscle relaxation and positive thinking works well with kids too. Try writing daily affirmations of a piece of paper and put them all in a bowl and right before your kid heads to school ask him to pick one. According to psychologists this trick works really well in creating a positive outlook towards the day.
5. Cut down on extrasAs a society, we’ve come to assume that busy is an equivalent of being happy.Keeping busy is an unhealthy way to deal with life’s problems, and the psyche has been forwarded to our kids. Too many after-school activities means less time for self so reduce them and use dinner time to de-stress and bond with your family.
6. Don’t criticizeCriticizing creates fear and negative affirmation. Even if you disagree, never talk negatively about their homework or the review they got from their teachers in front of your child. If a child is already feeling stress you need to be the calming force. So try to remain positive.
7. Limit technologyThe adverse effects of technology are well known. Kids who spend more than seven hours a day using technology have higher risk of being stressed.So put limits on your kid’s tech time and spend more time being physically active.
8. Get helpIf school stress is affecting your child’s mental health and over all well being then it’s important to talk to a counselor who can help your child adjust and cope. Top schools of Delhilike The Shri Ram School offer in-house counselors, so that your child’s welfare is never compromised.

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