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How To Customize The Default Avatar Of WordPress

Posted on the 18 April 2013 by Babanature @proudlyonenaija

I love wordpress platform. Yes! I truly love the platform that much because it allows you to take total control over its whole features. You can make a wordpress blog look like whatever you want it to look like with just the help of some plugins and with no knowledge of coding or whatsoever.

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In case you don’t know, I like simplicity that has style and I seriously don’t like doing what other people do that’s why I like doing research to go deep into things

. I am a blogger that focus on the technical part of blogging and I know you can tell by going through my articles and posts.


Back to the subject

Most people who comments on my blog don’t have a gravatar enabled email and do not know how to create one which is bad. The default WordPress gravatar is used for readers who comment but do not have a gravatar enabled email, right? But tell me this truth; are you not bored of seeing the same WordPress default avatar on all blogs around you? Don’t you which you could change the default avatar to your own blog logo or make it something more interesting?

I know most of us bloggers do have some commentators that do not have a gravatar enabled email so on this post, I am going to show you how you too can make your faceless commentator have your logo or something else you want just like the image above. How’s that for a change?

I know many of you might know about how to change your default avatar. If you do know how to do this, then good for you but if you don’t let’s proceed. Ohhh… And before I forget, I write this post because of some requests I have been getting…

How To Customize The Default Avatar Of WordPress

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Then (I mean way back) before you can change the default gravatar of your wordpress blog, you must have to edit and add some codes using your C-panel which is frustrating but recently, a developer made the whole issue way simple and easy for even a none tech to do. Yes! They have actually created a plugin for this process and it is that easy to use.

You can download the plugin directly from wordpress directory or from the developer’s site

If you have downloaded and installed the plugin, follow these simple steps to achieve your goal


• Get the image you’d like to make the default avatar and resize it (35×35 preferably)

• Save the image in your C-panel or any file sharing site you which to

• Now copy the URL of the picture you just save

• Go to your wordpress admin panel >>> Click Settings >>> Click Discussion, and scroll down till you see these avatars [see image]

wordpress default gravatar

Are you there? If you are with me, let’s move on to the fun part of the post, shall we!

On this part you’ll see that the plug-in we installed have created a box below the default avatars called “Add New Default Avatar”

• On the first box, name it whatever you feel like naming the custom avatar

• On the second box, paste the URL of the logo you created earlier and click save changes [see image below]


Now select the custom avatar you just created and click save. You have successfully beautified your blog’s comment area with your logo; now tell me how cool is that?

Remember that you can add as many avatars as you want and also remember that this plugin will automatically resize your image to make the perfect fit…

I hope I made the tutorial as easy as possible my friends? If not please tell me where you don’t understand and I’ll gladly see you through or if you got any more questions pertaining the topic, please do drop them by using the comment box below and I’ll gladly answer them for you as soon as possible.

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