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How to Create the Best Family Kitchens Melbourne

By Anne Mehla
How to Create the Best Family Kitchens MelbourneThey say the kitchen is the heart of the home but it can be hard to instantly build this warmth and comfort into a newly renovated space. If you want the kitchen in your Melbourne home to become the meeting place for your family, a center upon which your household revolves, then you could consider implementing a few of these cosy and homely ideas today.
Wooden CabinetsAlthough stainless steel and transparent plastic might be more suited to the modern aesthetic popular kitchens in Melbourne, wooden cabinets have an undeniable charm that make any space feel more like home. Other rustic touches such as a chalkboard or a farmhouse dining table can also add to the old fashioned family feel.
Harmonious ColoursEvery family has rocky bumps and disastrous episodes, and every family in Melbourne needs a relaxing, harmonious space to serve as an unchanging and supportive backdrop for all emotional tempests. Choose calming tones such as neutrals or cool blues for the most peaceful Melbourne family kitchen.
Stools and ChairsNobody is going to gather in this space if there is nowhere to sit and relax. Choose high stools placed at the counter top or island for chatting while cooking, or plush dining chairs placed around a large family table.
LightingAlthough you obviously need good lighting in your Melbourne kitchen for practical reasons, the lighting you choose can also make a great difference in the general atmosphere of your space. Choose warm overhead pendants for a cosy setting at night and use as much natural lighting as possible during the day.

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