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How To Create Quality Articles Superfast

Posted on the 12 January 2014 by Siraj Wahid @blogcooters


In the blogging business, you will have to create a lot of content; from guest posting to creating content to your own site and if you’re a Freelance Writer. It’s probably even worse. So how do you master the power of creating articles with tons of quantity and quality?? As a writer, I’ll tell you a secret to writing and creating articles fast.

Write Freely

I’ve learned a lot as my time as a writer. I’ve learned to write more and produce more articles. Writing is a form of creativity; a form of art. Any writer you’ll ask will tell you to write freely. They’ll tell you to write without considering the readers and keeping your amount of editing to nothing. Convey your message as much as you can without breaking your flow.

Create an Outline

I usually start my articles with an outline. I create a general idea and image of what my article will look like. It helps boost my morale and keeps me motivated to write. Although some writers would say outlines hold fellow writers back, you don’t have time to get nitpicky. Creating an outline separates the distinct parts of the articles and makes it easier for you. It makes the idea of writing words easier.

Time Yourself

The best time to finish an article is within an hour. If you sell your writing skills per article then learn to finish within an hour. It will become the same as selling your skills per hour. It’s better than wasting tons of time for a single article.

Always time yourself. Give time limits based on how much you can commit to writing. If you’re creating and writing content for your site and others, give yourself self-imposed deadlines. Learn to finish your work within the deadline.

Eliminate Time Sucks

Time Sucks by definition are the list of things indirectly related to your article writing. This would be researching, searching for images, and getting screenshot. These things can consume your writing time.Make sure you get this ready before hand. Don’t let any distractions hinder your writing.

Research Beforehand

Research content for your article is important. It solidifies information in your mind and makes your article much more legitimate. Research information should be read and important information should become stock knowledge. One of the many practices I do is to Google at least 3 articles about the topic. After you’ve read needed information in the article. Make sure you’ve memorized it or be able to call out important information. It will prevent you from looking back and forth to your research. But I know this wouldn’t be easy. You can take it slowly and improve your memorization skills.

Eliminate Distractions

Distractions are the enemy. My hobby is so easy to get into. My environment is to blame for that. And because of this I lose a lot of writing time. Concentrate on your article and don’t let anything distract you. Hobbies should be the reward for your hard work.

Typing Speed Is Important

Learning to type fast is essential to producing quick content. Don’t expect to write a 100 word paragraph within 10 minutes if you have slow hands. That’s impossible. Although I’m lucky because I’ve been with a computer with my whole, so at one point I’m blessed with an above average typing speed. Before you try and venture into the writing business, blogging or at least taking dozens of clients. Take a month or two getting your typing speed up. There are various sites that test your typing speed. You can work with those sites to further increase the rates you type.

Edit Sober

Editing is the final step to writing. Editing can take time. But it’s mostly paramount on what kind of quality you want to present to your readers. It can be. If you want to create the highest of quality articles it may take at least 4 editing. It can even take a span of time for have “Fresh Eyes”. I usually edit by leaving some time after the initial content and the editing.

Nothing is wrong with editing fast. Some people are against creating quick edited article. But let’s be realistic people make the mistake of editing one sentence over and over to realize that the sentence was initially perfect. Writers are perfectionists at heart. There are even times where I would have to point a gun to my head just to publish a post.

Editing for at least 20 minutes won’t hurt your content. I usually take long hours to make final edits to add more information, content and fixing all grammatical problems. I also usually take much more time to freshen my eyes. Problems are usually grammatical. But if you’re going to decide to dedicate some time, make sure the pay and benefits worth the efforts.


Writing an article may take time. But completely writing an article quickly is more of a mindset and a skill. Learn to free your mind, speed up your typing, and learn to remove the distractions. Make the finishing touches a priority but let it be dependent on the reward you’ll be getting.

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