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How To Create More Outfits From Existing Your Wardrobe

By Imogenl @ImogenLamport

how to create more outfits


Try layering, not just a cardigan over your top, but think about layering tops with similar necklines, so that you create a color contrast and some extra detail in your portrait area.

Think about adding a waistcoat or vest over the top of your t-shirt, blouse or even dress.

How about turning a summer dress into something you can wear in winter by layering a long sleeve top underneath?

How about wearing a sheer blouse over a coloured cami (try different colours for different looks on different days).

How about layering a necklace or 3?

Add a third piece.


Try belting under jackets over jackets, under cardigans and over them.

Why not add a belt over a dress.

Add a coloured, textured or funky buckle belt when wearing jeans.

Throw out the cheap, fabric belts that come with clothes, and find a great belt to wear instead.  It will make the outfit look more stylist and higher quality.

Read more belting tips here.

Change Your Shoes

Are you in a habit of wearing the same shoes all the time?  Think about changing the style, heel or color.  Think about how different a pair of jeans looks  with a ballet flat as compared to a knee-high boot.

How different does a skirt or dress look with boots as compared to a pair of strappy heels?

Which color shoe to choose

What do your shoes say about you?

Play with Occasion Dressing Pieces in the Daytime

Why not take some of your evening wear and mix them with your daywear.  Why not try adding some sequins to your daytime look, or a really glamorous jet necklace to your more casual jean outfit.

The dress I’m wearing in the picture above is something I’d more likely wear in the evening than during the day.  But I’ve dressed it down with the layers.

Want some more inspiration?  Read this post.


Change the accessories you wear.  Try different combinations.  We get into the habit of wearing the same things together all the time.  Don’t forget you can mix it up and find some new ways of wearing the same old pieces that may surprise you!

How about trying a patterned tight rather than your regular opaques?

Here are some more accessorizing  ideas:

How to accessorize your casual tops.

Wear a scarf instead of a necklace.

How to choose a necklace to go with your neckline

Add some arm candy

Change your jewellery seasonally

Mix your metals

Wear a scarf the Nina Proudman way

Add a scarf instead of a necklace


What are the ways you play with your wardrobe and create more outfits from what you already own?

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