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How To Create Featured Snippet To Rank On Top Of Gooogle

Posted on the 04 October 2017 by David Mark @Ataghan_micheal
How To Create Featured Snippet To Rank On Top Of Gooogle

Today I will be talking about a featured snippet inside of Google, that ranks above the number one listing. You can see what the feature snippet is in the image above

Why would you want to do this?

It brings a ton of credibility to your website

It shows that you're an authority and also we've seen that these featured snippets have a really high click-through rates, and then the second thing that's really cool, is if you're using an Android phone, and you're using the personal assistant, that's where Google pulls the information from to read to the actual person using the personal assistant.

Don't get confused, I will give more detail about that.

Getting these featured snippets is what I will be talking about today.

When it comes to featured snippets, there's a lot of different kinds and a lot of different formats, but what's interesting is these are actually created by algorithm that Google has that basically looks at this information in regards to a query and then pulls it in together and then delivers that as a feature snippet.

What we've seen is increases in click-through rates. If you have a featured snippet.

How To Create Featured Snippet To Rank On Top Of Gooogle

These are coveted positions in google and definitely something your business is gonna want to get.

Let's get into some strategies for you to rank and have a featured snippet.

Step 1. Top Of The Page Direct Answer

The first thing that your gonna want to consider is having a direct answer to a question at the top of the page, and having just a little bit of text at the top of the page that's easy for Google to understand.

We've seen that the algorithm comes in, kind of looks for that Q&A format, and then pulls that out into a featured snippet, and allows that to rank.

generally, if it's at the top of the page, that gives it a really good chance for it to be pulled in and featured in that snippet.

If it's an FAQ, Q&A type of format and it relates specifically to a query, that can also be pulled out as a featured snippet as well.

Step 2. Be Deliberate Structuring Content

You gotta be really deliberate in the way that you're structuring content, and if looks like to the algorithm that it's answering the question, the algorithm's gonna pick up on that, pull it out as a featured snippet and test that.

When you're structuring that top portion of your page, you going to want to have that top portion like a summary of everything else that's on the page.

Google really like that. They pick up on that pyramid-type content formatting, so that's gonna be really helpful for you.

Step 3. Long Form Content

Another thing that really helps a lot to create a featured snippet, is to have long-form content.

Studies have show that page with over a couple thousand words are more likely to have a feature snippet and rank in google

In general, this is a good thing to do. It really helps your ranking if it looks like an authoritative page that answers a lot of questions, and it's doing that in a succinct way, in some cases with Q&A, you're gonna have better chance to have that information pulled by Google and used as a featured snippet.

Step 4. Keyword Research

Keyword research is really important. you gonna want to make sure that you know the exact type of queries that you're targeting, use SEMrush, or google keyword planner tool, whatever your favorite tool is for keyword research and make sure that you're targeting a top term and some related terms, that are gonna relate to a specific query, and that's going to allow you to have a better chance to have that featured snippet.

Step 5. List Questions Potentially Asked

Get a list of all the biggest questions that people could potentially ask about the page, whatever the service or product is, and make sure you answer every single one of those in a succinct format, that can be pulled out as a featured snippet.

That's really gonna help your chances and we've seen that pages that do that, often get the featured snippet.

Why and How questions, have a really big propensity to get pulled out as a featured snippet, so think about the whys and the hows that relate to your specific landing page.

We've, see that ordered lists, have over a 40 percent chance of being pulled out as a featured snippet, so make sure that you're using ordered lists on your landing pages to answer specific questions.

Google's gonna crawl that, they're gonna see the question, the ordered lists, they're gonna be like this is a good succinct answer to this question and we're going to pull this out and test it as a featured snippet.

That's a great way to structure your pages and make sure you're thinking like Google is, and the algorithm when you're creating this content.

Now there's a variety of different types of featured snippets.

One that we see a lot of, is the Cost Answer.

How To Create Featured Snippet To Rank On Top Of Gooogle

How much does something cost?

So, if you're answering pricing questions, there's a really good chance that, that's gonna get pulled out as a featured snippet as well if you can directly address cost on your landing page in a bulleted list or in some type of easily digestible formate.

Do that and you've got a great chance for that to be pulled out.

Step 6. Highly Credible Pages

One other thing about featured snippets is. They really need to be highly credible pages. 

We've seen that pages that are generally already ranking on page one, in most cases are getting these featured snippets.

That's a result of backlinks, long-form content, high-quality landing page, a hub page that links out to a lot of other information and is an authority on the topic, and then it's also a result of how the page is structured.

Keep those things in mind that you really have a have a good landing page, answer question, and have a summary at the top of the page

Make sure you're doing all the normal good things for SEO, have long-form content, and make sure that you're structuring things in a succinct way that the algorithm can understand, and wants to display through their personal assistants, and also at the top of Google

That's it for today folks. Good luck ranking number one in Google, above the number one listing.

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