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How to Create a Restaurant Experience at Home

By Lyndsay @balancebrunette
How to Create a Restaurant Experience at Home

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Going out to eat is great, the big bill at the end of the meal can really hurt the wallet though. Sure, eating at home is cheaper but that can be a drag considering how boring it is. Fortunately, there is a way to turn your kitchen into a cozy little restaurant for the evening. It will make you feel like you’re having a nice time out, all within the comfort of your home. Here are some fabulous tips to create a nice restaurant experience at home.

Get out the nice plates

If you have plates that are used for special occasions, then now is the perfect opportunity to put them to use. Restaurants tend to have very nice dishes from plates, glasses, and even cutlery. These are what help in enhancing the dining experience.

Plan out your menu

You don’t have to go all out and fancy to create delicious food for your little in-home faux restaurant. You can cook whatever you want, whether it be something complex or something easy. Your slow cooker, whether it be an Instant Pot, Crock-Pot, or the traditional stove is all perfect for making mouth-watering meals with ease. One great idea can include looking around for a slow cooker recipe for chicken chili and some sides to complement it.

You’ll also want to think about the type of restaurant experience that you’re wanting to create. Are you wanting to create a fine dining experience? Something casual? What about a 3 or 5-course menu? Even thinking about this can help you out in deciding what you want to make and how you’d like to decorate the dining area around it.

Set the table

Whether you’re making lasagna, filet mignon, or anything else, you need to set the table! This is what helps with creating that restaurant feeling. Try and work on a theme and try to make it a bit different compared to how your table is usually set. A great idea could be using a nice table cloth, a running, a floral centerpiece, and maybe some candles to help set up a mood.  It doesn’t need to be expensive either!

Set the mood light some lighting

Candles are the perfect way to help set the mood at the dinner table, but even dimming your lights (if you have a smart light) can also be hugely beneficial. The lighting in the space is what helps out in creating that right atmosphere. Think about it, most restaurants tend to be low light. This helps their customers feel relaxed and enjoy their surroundings. If you’re unable to adjust the lighting in your home, then using candles can help achieve that dimness.

Dress the part

You wouldn’t go to a nice restaurant in sweatpants, would you? Probably not! Just go ahead and dress the part, whether it be wearing your favorite outside or maybe something a little more casual. Just getting to dress up for the proper occasion is going to massively help in selling the experience that you’re in a restaurant. 

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How to Create a Restaurant Experience at Home

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